Why we love Psycho Busters (The novel)

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Psycho busters! The unique fantasy novella from Japanese creator: Yuya Aoki – creator of the series Getbackers. Illustrations by Rando Ayamine.

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Yuya Aoki – the genius
Rando Ayamine - the other genius
Rando Ayamine – the other genius


“When a beautiful girl asks Kakeru to run away with her, he suspects there’s something strange afoot. It turns out she is on the run from a shadowy government organization intent on using her psychic abilities for their own nefarious ends.”
The great thing about this story of crazed psychics and dangerous teenagers is not because of the beautiful array of characters and wonderfully written confrontations. It’s the way the writer fools us into thinking the main character kakeru to be nothing more than a simple kid with no capabilities whatsoever. From the get go, the writer focuses our attention on every other character and their psychic abilities of some sort. We have the good psychics, the bad psychics, the mad psychics, all at each others throats – yet for some reason the main character is hopelessly caught in the middle.  Of course this is far from the truth, for we eventually discover that Kakeru is in fact Godlike – being able to subconsciously change a possibility of an event until it suits him.
This aspect of the story should instantly thrill enthusiasts of quantum theory (people like myself), as those of you who already know of Copenhagen’s many worlds interpretation or schrodiners cat principle will find. Readers will ultimately come to the realisation that this profound ability of Kakeru is the soul reason for all the misfortune and pain that has befallen everybody around him. That’s right – the so-called hero of our story turns out to be the entire casts source of struggle – owing to an unfortunate bus incident that involved the main cast, while as children. Does that not blow your mind? Think of all the stories we have read and seen where the main character is fighting to stop the evil of the world. It’s something we have gotten used to seeing – the good guy standing up for justice; seeking to stop whatever threatens the land or world (etc…). However here in Yuya’s story, the main character IS the main threat, however we as the readers and even the main character himself is blind to that fact.

Perhaps the most heart-warming moment to the whole story is the ending, as it is finally revealed to us that all the deadly psychic teenagers (good and bad) have in fact met once before – as children. The story ends with time itself being rewinded to when the teenagers were youngsters – living there lives again, but this time, in a timeline where they will not suffer the type of misfortune as the original one.

Well… That’s me done, and that’s why we Love Psycho Busters. It also comes dirt cheap on Amazon too, so if you have not bought it yet, what are you waiting for? Oh and another thing… If you liked Psycho Busters then you will love…

Need we say anymore?
Need we say anymore?

Ricky Baxter


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