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Quantum physics – a fascinating and mind boggling observation of many atoms and photons within the universe. But enough of all the difficult stuff, what you need to know is that according to Copenhagen’s many world interpretation, everything that could possibly happen to you has already happened!

That’s right,  whenever you make an action, the exact opposite has already occured, just on a different timeline – where your life takes a different course.

This means that in one timeline, you are poor, then another you are rich. Perhaps in a specific timeline you fall and stumble into the partner of your dreams,  but in another you stroll into the exact opposite?  There is even one timeline where you are King or queen!

Basically, we have done it all, and all the possibilities that could have been, have been. So give yourself a pat on the back for doing it all! However,  that is no excuse to do nothing in this timeline that you are living. You have millions of other versions of you doing their best – so you should too!