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Hi all,

I come today with a new post, something that concerns many of us indie writers and Authors. This post is for those who have written an extremely long novel over the course of many years, or for those who are thinking of doing so.

When it comes to our first book, many of us think to create a grand epic tale that requires many years of hard work. I am sure your epic novel is amazing, and has great chapters and sections that will blow any reader away. However what many of us forget is not only the time it would take to complete our novels, but the COST for editing. Yes, editing is perhaps one of the most important parts to completing a book, and without a good editor your treasured novel will not be as good as it deserves. And if you don’t have the cash to edit, you probably would have wasted many years creating a book that you may not have the money to edit to a professional standard. Most companies offer at least 1k for a good long novel that has a word count of around 250’000 words. So if you don’t have the funds to quite make that amount (any time soon) then you probably are best finding an alternative solution.

Solution: Short stories of course!

It might not sound like a big deal now, but it might be better to think about completing a grand novel later, and instead focus on shorter and cheaper titles. That way it will cost less to edit and less time consuming from your daily routines. Creating short stories will benefit you with numerous titles that will be released quicker and offer a greater selection for the reader. The truth of the matter is, most of us won’t get seen until our fifth or sixth book, so it helps to create short (but sweet quality) titles.

Well, that’s my peace. Of course you don’t have to agree. The world is your oyster!