A fine use of Novella (Drakengard 3)

Hi all!

I know it’s been some time, but I figured i’d surprise you with a new post, and to make you all aware of a great Novella that needs to be celebrated. As you may be aware, Novellas fall between short stories and the Novel, and as such have been typically seen as tricky grounds for authors and publishers alike (although since the advent of e-books, they have gained much popularity).

On my birthday I was bought a game for the PS3 (yes i am a gamer too), named Drakengard 3. Before popping the disc in to play however, I was advised to read the separate Novella, which explains the back story of this game.



What followed was a great experience, giving me all I needed to know much about the characters, before actually playing the game itself. The idea was genius, and I loved the way the creators of this series utilised a different medium altogether, to provide a unique experience for me. I had a new appreciation for the Novella, and it also instilled much faith in the capabilities of the Novella.

I went away and thought to myself “I wonder how doing a Novella could better impact my own upcoming stories?”

perhaps it could provide you with the perfect experience to offer your own readers too?

Until next time, dear friends!

To read the Novella of this great series, please go to: http://drakengardgame.com/

P.S and if you would like to support a fellow indie author, please go on to my FB Like page. It’s only newly constructed recently, so don’t expect much yet. Stay tuned for winter, when my new novel will be released.






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