It pays to have Friends


Hey all,

This may sound like a complete no brainer, but one of the best things you could do is make friends. Not only because it gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling, but the great opportunities it provides for you, and your work.

One good example would be the cover art for my latest book (soon to be released). Because the artist and I got in touch through a mutual friend, i was offered a discounted price for the art work for Gideon and the Crimson samurai.
The artist is called Phil, and he has a vast catalogue of work, to this very day.

Another great example would be an even closer friend of mine – one who i knew from childhood. He offered to edit my book, free of charge – however only the condition i credit him as the official editor of my upcoming book.

One of my other good friends offered to do an ever better cover art than the previous artist,  free of charge – with the only favour being that I credit him and provide a song (from my days as a composer) to help his own endeavour.

Lastly, while out the other night,  I made friends with a fellow writer who has achieved much deserved success – worldwide! She offered her humble and helpful advice, on how to succeed as a writer and author.
Her name is Lindsay and she is a new yorker who writes books on love and dating.

So my point is, if you want to achieve something and get your work done, and you need others to help complete it – perhaps the solution is much closer than you think? And less cheaper?


Ricky Lee Baxter


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