Our relationship with war


Hey folks,
Have you ever pondered our insatiable addiction for conflict? Scratch that, there is no need to ponder, as of course conflict is a natural part of life – unfortunate as it may be.

Birds, bugs, along with the entire animal Kingdom have their own wars, and mankind is no exception. What I have always found remarkable, is the undying forms of creativity that come from such chaotic moments. It is though we are born with this unexplained, innate desire, to express our own thoughts and feelings on love and strife – through countless forms of art. Our whole concept of good and evil, light and dark,  stems from real accounts of peace,  then war.

Poets, singers, painters, and writers (to name a few) have been part of our history, since man learned the art of expression. If we observe the many creatives throughout history, and the significance of the various conflicts and moments of peace – we find that it all has a profound effect on our art forms.

The current state of our world is not so good (in my opinion). Corrupt governments, scandals and fixed forms of media, for starters. But that gives us writers, artists and poets a ton of themes and content to work with. How this effects our future, who can say?

But it begs the question… if there were no wars, no suffering, no pain or sadness, then how will our expressions of creativity be effected?

Ciao amore

Ricky Baxter


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