Is too much advice, too much?

In this day and age of instant feedback, information and opinions, left right and centre, we naturally are able to make decisions, based on many others advice and perspectives. We have bloggers, friends, family, work colleagues and mentors, all across the spectrum of life – in the real world and the online world. We have come to the point where we are afraid to make a mistake, so we sometimes ask many others for their advice, sometimes even paying another individual for their feedback.

I to do this, and as a writer I constantly seek out various advice from bloggers, in my spare time. However the other day I was absolutely baffled, when I read a blog from a known author that didn’t say anything new at all, in regards to the topic of marketing. To make matters worse, this blogger is actually paid by a known company, and is making quite a good living (I am sure) from saying things that we already know. That is when I decided to but the brakes on all this advice searching (at least for a while), and say:

I will make my OWN mistakes, and learn from them!

stuff it, who cares if you make an error? Just learn from it and keep going! In fact don’t even listen to me – just do you!

Stay creative

Ricky Baxter

Image by Eagles






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