What is Success?

There was a time I used to stop and wonder: When will I be successful? However, what point would you need to get to in life to be deemed ‘successful’? Is it loads of money? But what actually is defined by ‘loads’? One might say “about a few grand”, but that is meaningless to a millionaire – so what is it? Perhaps it’s achieving that ‘dream job’? But what if you grow tired and uninterested with it – ultimately becoming your worst job? Would you still consider yourself successful?

The point I am trying to make is: seeking success doesn’t have to be such a distant quest. You are already successful, for already achieving a host of things!

  • Did you finish school? Congrats, you’re successful!
  • Do you have a job? Congrats, you’re successful!
  • Can you read? Congrats, you’re successful!
  • Have you ever made someone smile? Congrats, you’re successful!
  • Have you ever been in love? Congrats, you’re successful!
  • Are you alive today? Congrats, you’re successful!

Instead of worrying about when you will be successful, try appreciating yourself for the things you already achieved. You’re amazing!

Ricky Baxter



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