Does the answer to world peace, lie in our stars?


Some months back, the weirdest thing happened to me. It was over the course of time, through watching DVD’s, shows, and Youtube vids that I noticed a certain trend, regarding a core message; how outside threats could actually help to unite people together. That was enough to get me thinking… about the question of: TRUE WORLD PEACE!

There is a core message, often used within TV shows (Anime, movies etc…) that mankind is only capable of putting aside their differences, only when an external threat appears to threaten everybody’s existence. Why is this? Well, let’s think back to when we were young – as children in school. Often times, when I was subject to being teased by a fellow pupil, knowing it was their fault, the teacher would address us both – threatening to exclude us or put us in detention. The result was both pupils putting aside their differences (at least for that day). We see this same behaviour within the animal kingdom, amongst many species that work together, when a predator or foreign life appears. If this is possible on a small scale, such as classrooms and nature – why wouldn’t the same occur, on a somewhat grand scale?

That was when the idea arose, and after given it some thought, I now kinda believe that our constant struggles and wars that have plagued this world could greatly reduce, if we were face against a real Alien threat.


Now, I know what you may be thinking, but stop… and really think about this. What if we were faced against an intergalactic empire that threatens our very way of life… and our universe? President Ronald Reagan spoke of the very same thing to an audience, in 1987 – so it can’t sound too bogus… right?

Could it be that in order to reach a point where mankind truly trusts one another, worldwide, we would have to fight together – brothers in arms. Not like WW1 or WW2, but something much bigger, that threatens not only our world, but our galaxy?

Or maybe I have been watching far too many films, and need a good sleep.

Well… the thought was nice, when it lasted.

Peace out



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