Are airstrikes the best solution, or should we try something different (For once)?

I am not gonna go in depth on my opinions, following the recent news on the decision to attack “The terrorists” as quoted by some of our leaders. After all, it’s not as though anybody listens to us members of the general public anyway. However, I am certain that whatever the reason, this marathon of strikes from our countries from the west will certainly result in bad news – for now and the future. The cycle will go on, again and again, and more conflict will rear its ugly head. Of course I am sure our leaders are well aware of this.

But enough of the crazed Psychopaths who rule our countries. My question is: If you were in charge of your country, what solution would you go for, assuming you wished to learn from past mistakes in history? I’ll give you my possible alternatives, for settling troublesome disputes between countries. So here’s what I think two countries should do, if they disagree on something…

And the nominees are: 

  • Talk (We are human after all)
  • Play football? (I’ve been told that’s a good stress relief)
  • Sing a good song (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston will surely make your day)
  • Write a book (You can kill your enemies, in the land of FICTION!)
  • Have a good moan (It’s what us English do best)
  • Have a good cry (same as above)
  • Have sex? (Iv’e often thought that maybe our leaders are in fact stressed out virgins, who are in need of a good one nighter)
  • Fight (By fight, I mean a good ol fashion scrap, like the old days)
  • Tell a joke (You’d be surprised how telling a terrific joke can change things for the better. Go on, try it!)
  • Be the bigger person! (that’s right… get over it and move on!!!!!)

Of course one might find it distasteful to joke at such a time. But to be honest, I am passed all that. All this fighting from all these leaders, on both sides is pathetic. Muslims, politicians, leaders, Christians, bankers, and all the dickheads out there who wanna send someone else’s child to fight for you… – grow up and get a life.

Thank you



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