Are we just well and truly… Hopeless?

Not to sound all bleak and all, but I think I am starting to come to terms with something. Mankind is hopeless. But not in a bad way! Yet not in a good way either…

Take for example the classic poverty issue of many people who continue to die of starvation, in countries where it has always been hard to survive. This is still happening to millions of people around the world – yet some of us have our eyes set on building space rockets to one day usher in a future, where we can travel to the stars. Are we even worthy of going to outer space, and joining the rest of the universe when there is still much work to be done in our own world?

Take for example our own government of England, that seeks to exit a union of neighbouring countries – bringing back the idea of “us versus them”, instead of “us as a people of this world”. Are we worthy of embracing the future and sailing the sea of stars, when there is still much intolerance to each other, just for setting foot on one’s land?

Lastly, we have still not shed our desert dwelling mindset of old beliefs and writings that have no relevance to our lives – yet are willing to kill each other because of it. Are we worthy of entering a new era of space tourism, when a tour to the wrong land (on earth) will find you imprisoned or worse?

The answer of course, is no. We have never been worthy of such things. However that has never stopped mankind before, from progressing. In time (of course) we will build spaceships to travel the stars easily, but there will still be unjust treatment and those who would be left behind. Maybe that is what makes us so unique? Although one could say that we’re hopeless – our actions and inspiring works in turn bring hope to others.

Is that called an oxymoron?




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