It’s ok to not believe in God!

I am an Atheist, leaning slightly to the agnostic side (Atheist agnostic if you will). In essence this means: I do not believe in a particular god at all – however I cannot disprove it. In conversation I usually tend to say “Whether there is a god/gods or not, doesn’t matter to me. I simply don’t care.” What has motivated me to write this article, is because of the instant reaction from believers that expect me to believe in a god. “What? you don’t believe in god? How can you not believe in god?” to which I reply “Which god?” There are quite a few.” By the end of such distasteful encounters, I always kick myself for missing out on an important question and perspective – however I shall present it to you.


Why would a god/gods care whether we believed in them or not? We don’t care whether an ant believes in us or not? So why expect the same? Why would somebody, who created the entire universe and all the other lifeforms in it be bothered if we knew his name? It’s not like it makes any shred of difference, right? And it’s not as though he or she making an effort to reveal itself to everybody collectively – so what would you expect?

To take things a little further, even if a loving god existed, why would he want you to spend the rest of your life begging to him? If I was a god with lots of followers (like my followers on twitter), I would want them to be happy with themselves – not me. I would want them to excel in their talents and skills, and not worry what I think about them. After all… why should I care whether they believed in me? I am god. To put it another way, it’s as if somebody said to you “you don’t exist”. You know that you exist, so why be bothered at all? And why bother them by bothering to get a follower to tell them that you exist, just so you can be happy knowing that you bothered one more person into believing you exist (Wow I used ‘bother’ a lot).

That is the fundamental reason why I say (and understand why many say): “I don’t care.” Because regardless whether it were true or not, the higher being would obviously have enough intelligence to understand, and would probably be happy just knowing we’re growing with each other, as humans. So in the end it really doesn’t matter, and it’s ok to not believe in god. But what do I know, I am just an Atheist anyway.

Ricky Lee Baxter

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