The beauty of being underrated

The other day, while browsing through my kindle for a book to buy, something extraordinary happened. something told me to ignore all the popular and highest rated books that came my way – instead going for things that I never heard of (or was not already made into a Hollywood film).

That’s when I saw it: The Girl called Cyclops. It had no review, neither did it seem to mention anything about the Author. It simply just appeared, as though it were meant only for me. As a fan of underrated things, I instantly purchased it and the book was amazing! A short tale that was not without it’s flaws – however it didn’t matter to me. You see, when we don’t have an expectation of something, sometimes we find ourselves being blown away with surprise by it (providing the thing is interesting at least). That is the beauty of being underrated, and it’s the same for other things too. Games, film, people, animals, you name it!

So this is a thank you to the Author: Fanta Miste, and all the other underrated people, whose work (when spotted) is enough to inspire another human being.

Buy it now!

Ricky Lee Baxter


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