4 most disappointing anime

This might offend many fans, but i am becoming sick to death of watching anime that disappoints. This is becoming quite a trend lately,  and the ways they disappoint is becoming most creative indeed. The runners up are:

Attack on Titan: 4


So the main character (forgot his name) is your average avenger who enters the army, after losing his mother to some giants. However, no sooner as he grows up to take on the monsters, he gets eaten. Then we find he survives by turning into a giant himself. Naturally we want to know why he’s a giant – however all we’re told is that he needs to go to a basement. However,  by the end of the anime nobody goes to a basement,  and instead he has a fight with a female giant. Apparently if we read the manga, the story progresses. Sorry, i am not interested. The basement is probably useless anyway.

Kill La Kill: 3


I really enjoyed this, for the most part. However the ending was just… lazy. Everybody combines all their star thingys into the main character and she becomes Goku. It just all felt rushed by the end, and i felt cheated by that. My heart is still aching now (I am currently in a hospital too.)

Rebuild of Evangelion: 2


This was such an amazing anime… – well the first two were. I loved the character development and struggles of Shinji. Then… all of a sudden, the 3rd part just didn’t release. I was sucked into the world of EVA after watching the first instalment,  then sang its praise after the second installment. Then when I checked to see when the 3rd one was coming, I got nothing (this applies only to UK residents). That was like a whole year ago, and as such I have lost interest entirely. You can (Not) redo!



Let’s be honest, Naruto is nothing like it used to be. I mean, just look at him. He’s supposed to be a ninja,  not a tangerine! I admit I did keep up with the series – only because I Invested soo much of my life, I figured I’d keep going to finish it. Now its over and I have my life back. Nobody won the fight between Naruto and Saskue (wow, never saw that coming). But all is not lost! They all eventually have children,  and a new chapter will begin. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve seen enough screaming ninjas for a whole lifetime. Maybe I’ll try pirates instead.  At least One piece never let’s me down!



Ricky Baxter


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