Why I’ll pass on Psycho Pass

So the other day, while sitting at home without much to do… I decided to get into a new anime series. So far this year, I have watched Kill La Kill and Attack on Titan. Unimpressed with the latter I wanted to wash away the bad memory of Attack on Titan and jump into Psycho Pass, a cool new anime from some of the guys of Madoka Magica. Unfortunately I didn’t make it past episode 15, and here’s why.

Psycho Pass, although an interesting concept is not interesting enough. Quite frankly… it’s just boring. The animations are stiff and the dialogue tedious and predictable. I was hoping for something a lot more stimulating, especially after the masterpiece of Madoka Magica – however this was simply a chore to watch. Even the things that were meant to look cool (such as the overly long transforming guns) were not cool. If you’ve grown up on anime (before 1990) then you should kinda know what I am talking about. By this I am referring to the stereotyped characters within this series. Nothing is fresh, nothing is new, and the character personalities seem to have been picked from various other anime, and dropped into Psycho Pass.

In a nutshell, the theme of this anime tackles issues of crime and justice… along with all the other predictable things I saw coming a mile away – which was why I didn’t waste anymore time on this.

I am sure most people will enjoy this, and respect to you if you do – however if you’re looking for something surprising, then please pass go.

Sigh… I guess it’s back to my favourite series… again.



Ricky Baxter


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