No need for revolutionaries – we have social media instead!

In this age of social media, we can see the world on a scale we never imagined. Injustice can be caught on film and instantly uploaded to Facebook for people’s opinions, and conscious rants can be heard on Youtube for the listeners benefit. You’d think that such shifts in our society would bring forth great minds that can implement change – much like the ones of old who we more or less acknowledge as being revolutionaries of some kind.

The problem is however, we all have a voice now – which often time gets lost in the sound. Now I am all for the rights of others and the people – however I can’t help but notice that with all our constant bickering and rants on social media, I find that nothing much actually changes. It’s as though we’ve become saturated with opinions that things don’t really matter anymore. Had we lived in the days of the civil rights movement, yet with the inclusion of social media, I wonder how much impact would’ve been made… or not made? Our governments can still choose to war with countries we would rather not engage with – however it makes no difference the amount of videos we share or likes we acquire. The same outcome will still occur, in my opinion.

My solution is quite clear and simple: Actions speak louder than words. It always has done. Whether it’s protests, riots or strikes – one can’t deny the power of action in the real world – not the digital one.

Ricky Baxter


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