When the big smoke calls you back

I have lived in Leeds for the past 2 years. I came for a new way of life, love, career, and most of all… a break from the hustle and bustle of London. I grew tired of the constant pushing and shoving from my fellow Londoners, and disliked the experience of always being crammed into tubes like rats.

Leeds was a breath of fresh air for myself and many others who escaped the clutches of the London-life. For the first time in years, I was able to breathe (fresh air) and take things easy. Everything was easy to get to. Supermarkets was only a stones throw away. Over time I got used to the slow-paced world of the north, and tried to become an inhabitant of Yorkshire. I loved the way the ladies from Gregg’s bakery smiled and stopped a chat, while getting my chicken pasty. I loved the somewhat community feel of doing similar things and going to the same places. It all became a content routine.

However – over time things changed, and the city boy in me was not content with the life I had thought was one I could get used to. I grew tired of seeing the same faces, day in, day out. I became frustrated with the slow-paced life, and all in all, was not content with routine. The individualism in me couldn’t take it. The big smoke called me back!

However I now have found another home – one that I can return to, should I tire of the big smoke.

Lovely Leeds!




5 thoughts on “When the big smoke calls you back

      1. I miss your lovely face

        I miss your funny

        I miss your wisdom

        I miss your conversation

        I miss your great

        I miss your laugh

        …………….ONE LOVE soon come

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