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Many a time we’ve heard the saying: “You know I love you, right?” or the often used: “If you loved me then you’d do it.” I for one have never felt loved when past lovers have used those statements, and I know exactly why I don’t. I am referring to when those who hurt you, turn around and use the love card, right after you express your feelings of upset. The fact of the matter is… Love should never be used to hold you to ransom.

Love is not an excuse – yet too often, many will try to have you excuse their actions by drawing the love card. “If you loved me then you’d put me above all else”, however – one could easily reply and say: “If you loved me, then you’d respect me for who I am.” Love should never be used to hold you to ransom!

Love should never be used to control, manipulate or hurt you. So the next time your lover pushes you down the stairs, humiliates you in front of their friends, or lets you down – don’t except the love card. Hold them accountable and send their love card right back to them… first class!

Furthermore, as a final note – It takes more than love to keep a relationship going. Love is only part of a thousand and one components, in order for anything to flourish. Words and actions are equally important.

Ricky Baxter