Why I tossed Monster Hunter 4 in the bin

Now, before any gamers decided to go crazy on me, allow me to explain. I have what is called: An addictive personality. This means, that If I were to ever smoke (which I don’t), I’ll probably smoke till the end of time. This means, that if I were to participate in certain substances (which I don’t), then I’ll probably wind up on the Jeremy Kyle show. Anyway… I digress.

Monster hunter 4 Ultimate is probably the most amazing 3DS game I’ve ever played. I love the thrill of chasing after a creature, only to have it flee to another location – chase after it again, before slaying it like a true hunter. I enjoyed the many hours, days and nights of crafting better equipment, from the fallen materials of my kill. As time went on however, I wanted this experience to end (So I could get my life back). You see, the game is so good, nothing else matters when playing it, and it’s my gamers belief to always complete a game – no matter how hard or difficult it may be.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end. The ending which I thought was the end… didn’t end. There were more quests to complete, more monsters to slay, and more things to do and see. The game was about to take my soul, and I almost let it. I used every ounce of courage in my feeble little brain and turned off the game. However turning off the game was not enough. I had to do the same thing I did with my copy of animal crossing… – dispose of it.

RIP Monster hunter 4 Ultimate xx



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