Kick ass girls of anime!

I am not one for stereotyping – however when I come across certain TV shows, I almost always know what it will be about. However, there are times when I am wrong, and a show ends up blowing me away – completely destroying my previous judgements. This is something I believe we all can learn from, as these series have broken the mould of what it means to be shows for just girls. My top three is as follows!



I remember ignoring this OVA for ages – opting for other anime that turned out to eventually pale in comparison at the time. However one day, late at night, this gem appeared on Sci-fi channel, and I decided to give it a go. This wasn’t a story about girls in school. It was a truly sublime and touching story about three girls who band together to protect the world from evil beings. There’s blood, death, tears, and most of all… a strong story that wipes the floor with most anime today. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself

2) Angelic Layer


Although this may look like a young girl’s deluded dream of talking to her favourite doll, you’d be right in thinking so. Misaki uses her doll to fight for her, against other girls (some boys) and their dolls. However, if you stay with this memorable story to the end, you’ll find a deeper message of one girl’s longing to find her mother. The fight scenes are also a sight to behold. Not to mention it’s a bargain to grab, Get it for yourself!

1) Madoka Magica


What can I say? I was probably the biggest skeptic for this series. The first few episodes didn’t even catch my interest. The whole thing females becoming magical girls is something that’d never resonated with me. However, upon learning of their fate of eventually becoming evil witches, I was gob smacked. Following their desperate attempt at trying to escape an awful fate, the series gripped me, and became one of my best anime series to date. If you haven’t seen this stunning anime, then you need it here!

I’d like to thank the minds behind such great stories. Because of these examples, I’ve learnt not to judge a DVD by its cover.

Ricky Baxter


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