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Or to put it more correctly: Blazblue Central Fiction.

I haven’t quite warmed to the name as of yet – however I am sure it will make sense once we understand what it’s about. So why has this newest instalment got me geared up? Well because of the new characters of course!


Naoto Kurogane – a character first seen in one of the spinoff novels. To be honest… I haven’t the faintest who this guy is. However he seems to possess a similar Grimoire to Ragna.


Hibiki Kohaku – Servant of the Mutsuki Family and captain of the Novus Orbis Librarium. This guy was first seen in Chrono Phantasma, in Kagura Mutsuki’s story. He sure looks like he would give Jin a run for his money.

This all looks quite amazing, and arc system works have also released a trailer that can be found here. Apparently it’s still in beta stages – so it might be some time till we see it on our shores. However we now know Blazblue 4 exists!


That’s right. Nine finally makes her long awaited entry!

Of course this is only the tip of the ice-berg as to why I am excited about Central Fiction. The cherry on the cake is the inclusion a certain WITCH!

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