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Good afternoon readers,

Over the past few weeks (months even), we’ve seen growing concern for the situation of people who’ve fled their homes to cross the sea. Some have succeeded, some have failed – however the main issue is the constant numbers of humans that are desperately seeking a better way of life. Of course I don’t blame them, and I would do exactly the same thing in their situation.


Right now, it seems we’re playing the blame game across many European countries – especially the UK. Of course I too blame our current government and certain individuals (cough, Katie Hopkins) for finding ways to dehumanise human beings. Recently I read an article which tried to question the severity of these people’s situation – asking: “if they were really in danger, why leave their wives behind?” or asking “Why could they not stop at Turkey, instead of trying to come here (UK)?” Of course these ignorant questions only fuel ignorant people. Turkey has very different and difficult procedures for those refugees – so the natural choice would be for a country that offered a better way. Furthermore, who are we to decide who they should have taken onboard those awful and unstable boats? It’s easy for a well paid article writer to judge, while knowing that they can go to their warm home in Kent somewhere.

Of course these little jibes and blame games does nothing for the current situation. However it’s human nature to blame something. With that being said, my suggestion of blame goes to the whole world. That’s right – not just the EU, but the entire world. All 196 countries (or at least the ones with a somewhat stable economy) could have offered their hand. 196 countries… Let that sink in.

Ricky Baxter