Keys to the city

Teriy Keys – also known as Smurfie Syco is a man of many talents. Not only was he signed to Dizzee rascal, under Dirty Stank records – he also is the CEO of London’s most ambitious entertainment company: R.O.A.D Entertainment. In a nutshell, R.O.A.D entertainment specialises in music, television, publishing and beyond. It also provides a training program for young people, interested in entertainment.

road ent

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to Teriy’s christmas launch party – where a host of notable faces were seen. Of course I leapt at the chance to see what one of the members of dirty stank had to offer.

Key gang
Blast from the past. Picture taken in 2013. Teriy Keys, Dizzee, Musical D, D Double E (Wikipedia)

Just before turning up to the launch event, I wondered how the event would look, and what kind of people would be there. What sort of person is Teriy keys anyway? Naturally I was intrigued by someone who is affiliated with one of London’s greatest artists, and wondered what exactly is his mission and purpose? It’s clear by his many skills and expertise, Teriy is not just a producer or random Dj, but instead something far greater. For someone to even think of establishing their own entertainment company, that someone would have to be an entrepreneur.

keys h
Teriy speaking at the industry takeover event.

So I entered the R.O.A.D Entertainment building and took no time mingling with the many attendees that came along. There were many important figures during the night – ranging from: speakers, youth workers to photographers and actors. However of all the people I came across, there was one who stood out the most. A  motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur named: Hannah oyewole.

Key hanna
Teriy Keys and Hannah Oyewole at the young Ladies club.To connect with Hannah, visit her website at: 

Hannah among many other entrepreneurs filled the evening with their presence. This speaks volumes to Teriy Key’s company and the kind of individuals he works with. This event gave a chance for true professionals to connect and network – with R.O.A.D Entertainment setting the stage.

T youth
Keys speaking at international youth day.

Midway through the launch event, the man of the hour showed up and spoke a little about R.O.A.D Entertainment. By the end, it was made clear what his company is about, and what makes it so important for Londoners. Not only does R.O.A.D Entertainment cater to industry professionals, it also works with those in the community. The next best thing to happen to London is here.

Ricky Baxter

Author and blogger

To connect with Teriy Keys and R.O.A.D Entertainment, simply follow this link! 


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