Inside London’s Finest Bar

London – the finest city in all of England. Home to diverse culture, tourist sights and food… – lot’s of food. However if there’s one place that trumps any other, it’s POLO BAR!

polo inside
Don’t worry, the bear doesn’t bite… too much. He was kind enough to leave his last victim’s hat!

Situated just outside of Liverpool street station, this unique and fantastic place offers the best food you can think of. Oh and did I mention that it’s 24hrs? Although it’s called a bar – POLO is more like a hybrid between ones favourite british cafe (on the ground floor) and then a bar (on the 1st floor). My first encounter was early last year (that’s January 2015 to be precise) when a friend and I fancied a good old fashioned full english breakfast. The staff were lovely, and led us to our seats to take our order. Even before the food came, they already had things prepared. Metro newspapers and magazines hung by the sides to read while waiting for the grub, and the fascinating decorum kept us starry eyed for some time.
polo breakpolo eatpolo grubpolo 1

Long story short – the food is to die for! I’ve tried many full English breakfasts in my time – however this by far trumps all the others (and at a neat price too). The food is cooked at just the right level, along with generous portions to boot. So far, I’ve tried the full english, burgers and chips, and apple crumble with ice-cream.


The staff pass by, just enough to say hi – without the constant pestering we’re used to from certain chains. It’s obvious that the minds behind POLO BAR know how to please their customers, and they do it flawlessly. Since then I have been back as many times as I can – bringing friends who visit to what I consider London’s best Bar/Cafe. 5 Stars go to this amazing place to eat. Long live POLO 24 Bar!


For the official website of POLO24BAR, click this link!


Ricky Baxter is a writer and Author, based in London England.


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