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Hi all,

After taking some time out to finish my latest novel, I figured I’d kick off the week with a dedication, if I may.

As an avid gamer I come across many games from time to time. Some better than others, and some that should never be mentioned. However none of them have come close to who I am about to introduce right now. Yes I am referring to the devil worshipping witch from Vigrid. Bayonetta!

“What’s so special about her” I hear you say?  Well take this list of 5 reasons why I not only think this sexy slinger is the best, but also the best thing to happen to gaming in awhile. Let’s dance!

  • She’s going to hell but doesn’t give a flying F**K!


Bayonetta is a umbran witch, who from birth forge blood contracts with infernal demons to do their bidding. The catch? At the time of their eventual death, they are destined for eternal hellfire.See that? That’s right… – no flying F**ks!

  • She’s stylish!


Source: Deviant art 

When she’s not slaying the forces of light in old cemeteries and parallel worlds – Bayonetta can be found shopping for the latest attire. It’s not just that. Everything she does has a certain timing, as though she were always one step ahead of everybody else. Personal shopper with an umbran witch? Yes please!


  • She puts the sex in slaying!


Source: Gamefaqs

Unlike other anti-heros, this witch actually enjoys being public enemy number one. Like a celebrity who basks in the limelight, Bayonetta is no different. While she blasts armies of angels to hell, she can be heard laughing and using sexual slurs at the same time. It’s obvious that her time in the witches coven has suppressed certain ‘natural urges’ (wink wink).

  • She broke smash brothers Wii U!


Source: Vampire diaries wikia

That’s right. Although the inclusion of the sexy senorita brought initial excitement fans of SSB worldwide. Many soon found that her skills were a little… too good. It even has gotten so bad, official tournaments have considered banning her altogether. Ouch! nowhere in the history of SSB has a non Nintendo character entered the ring with such overkill. Sorry not sorry.


She’s the perfect friend


Source: Videogamer

Beyond all the bravado and antics, Bayonetta is actually a pretty loyal person. As displayed in Bayonetta 2 where she barged into the gates of hell to take back her best friend, Jeanne. She may not always say it, but Bayonetta treasures those around her – often finding it hard to say goodbye. This could be because in a world where she’s hunted by the armies of heaven, along with a doomed fate of spending eternity in hell, friendship is the only thing worth living for? Nobody knows for sure, but if there’s one thing we do know – Bayonetta is the best.

Thanks for reading!

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