Xenoblade Chronicles X -Addresses man’s ignorance?

So the other day I decided to buy a Wii U – not because I think the catalogue is anything to shout about, but because I was intrigued by one game. That one game was Xenoblade Chronicles X, made by the same minds of: Xenogears, xenosaga and xenoblade chronicles. Upon popping the CD in, I enjoyed a spectacular story filled with mechs, mayhem and marvellous graphics. However throughout the game, a certain message started to develop. This message (through the use of side quests) highlighted man’s habit to discriminate, generalise and blame others that are different.

As the last survivors of earth that was destroyed by an alien species, humanity fled and landed on a planet called Mira. It is here that mankind tries to build a new future. However throughout the game, other alien species join humanity and wish to integrate. Unfortunetely this divides humanity, and many go about targeting the new found aliens – assasinating, kidnapping and even refusing the aliens entry to establishments, just because they’re different. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s part of our own history. Yet when witnessed in this fictional world, we truly see ignorant our human nature is. Blaming the mysterious aliens that destroyed earth, humanity decided to lump al other aliens into one group and direct their hatred towards them.

Here are just a few races that inhabit Mira and how humanity generalised them:

The Nopan people. Original inhabitants of Mira. Their integratin was somewhat easy, as they learned to trade with humanitiy – Setting up shops. They’re perhaps the least discriminated of the alien species.
The Ma-non are the most effected with discrimination. Although they’re peaceful and only seek to aid humanity with new technology and sciences, they are constantly met with opposition. Many humans have banned them from stores – calling them names and even going so far as to kill them. Even those who are somewhat tolerant of the Ma-non find their culteral barriers to be to hard for them.
The Prone are also another misunderstood group. Mostly because they once worked for the mysterious alien threat that destroyed earth. It’s only through open dialogue that you understand that they had no choice working with the ones who destroyed earth. You also find that there are different tribes that have different values and motives. As the player, you learn how ignorant you yourself is, after lumping them into one species.












To sound off – Xenoblade Chronicles X is an amazing game. Not just for the graphics, gameplay and storyline, but because of the morole undertones it displays.

Well done Monolith!





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