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Hey all! How you been? Great… that’s good to hear.

Oh me? I am ok (ish). I have a bone to pick though, against this new boy band. It’s called… Noctus and his friends or something….



This post has nothing to do with the story, gameplay and graphics of Square’s long awaited title. My grudge is purely based on the main cast, which is enough for me to look elsewhere.

For a start, Noctus and his crew pretty much look all the same. “What are you talking about Ricky?” I hear you say. Yes, I know that among this boy band of goths you may think you see diversity – however compare this to other FF titles, and you’ll see the difference…


Final Fantasy 7 was released back in 1997 but way ahead in terms of diversity, creativity and imagination. For starters you had a soldier, ninja, dog, vampire, cat, black guy with a gun arm, mechanic and flower girl. For RPG players like myself, seeing such a varied group makes me want to sink my teeth into their adventure – exploring the weird and wacky abilities they possess. The cast invited players of different tastes, by being vastly different from the other. Within the world of fiction, I look for the most unreal of characters, which is why I naturally would gravitate to FF7 instead of FF15. At the same time, if I were the sort of player who liked more human characters, I’d still prefer FF7, for it contains human characters within its cast also. However with FF15, we no longer have that option or freedom. The makers have decided for not only a realistic approach, but a narrow one also.



Backstreet boys reunion tour 2016

Everything just looks dull and the same. I kinda expected a bit of Anthropomorphism to the cast, and not just a bunch of normal looking protagonists. I would expect a title that has taken well over a decade to arrive, to be somewhat more varied. Without sounding like an SJW infused feminist, where the hell are the “oddities” of the group? No witch? no black guy? Vampire? Talking animal perhaps?

As you can tell, I am someone who favours vast diversity from my games, because for me games have always been that way. But when I look at FF15, all I see are a bunch of bland characters who’ll probably have some struggle and with another bland character who looks not too different from them. Graphically the game still looks incredible though, and will most likely be a hit – although the battle system looks worryingly clumsy for me.

Well… what about you? Am I just hating on FF15, or do you have the same sentiment as I do? Let me know your comments below, and browse some of the other RPGS that I find look far more appealing than square’s boy band.

Ps. I am not an SJW or feminist! lol

Ricky Baxter