Japan X 1: Arrival

Greetings all, and apologies for being MIA.

For those new here, my name is Ricky Baxter, writer and self-published author of a slew of amazing novels, on Amazon.

Born and raised in London UK,  I recently took up a teaching role in Tokyo Japan, and have been living here for the past week. Over the coming months I’ll be posting my experiences, once a week under the title Japan X (Sounds amazing right?). Let’s get started shall we?

In Akihabara

“Why on earth Japan?” you may say? Well… I have always had a certain attachment to Japanese culture, ever since watching my first anime and playing my first console game. Over the years, such content would inspire me to create my own work, such as writing and music. In the back of my mind I always wondered what Japan really was like. What sort of lives do such a people lead? What about their life brings them to create such profound and passionate stories, told through the medium of their many forms of entertainment?

Of course moving past the bright lights, there are more deeper things to see, such as museums, parks, temples and landmarks.

 I had to know, which was why I took up a teaching role to explore the culture that granted so much inspiration to me. Perhaps being so close would heighten my creative juices even more as a writer?

My farewell post leaving the UK. Awww😢

Fast forward after a ridiculously long and uncomfortable flight and here I am, with 2 overley packed suitcases. So far I’ve seen Shinjuku and Akihabara, which had the well expected glitz and glamour. Of course moving past the bright lights, there are more deeper things to see, such as museums, parks, temples and landmarks.

A Buddhist temple in Shinjuku. I can’t explain it, but a feeling of awe and wonder overcomes me when I see these temples, more than the modern skyscrapers so far🤔

So far, the various shinto and Buddhist temples have resonated with me, more than anything else, which is surprising – for I expected to be more impressed by the glitz and glamour. In fact, the area where I am staying: Tabata, a residential place has caught my eye more. Perhaps it’s because this reveals the real day to day living of the Japanese, and not the flashy sights that can be found anywhere else? Time will tell, and I’ll be sure to update you, every step of the way.


Thanks for reading!

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Ricky Baxter


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