Japan X3: HUMAN

Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog, about my life and observations, living in Tokyo Japan!

So, I’ve been in Tokyo for a little under a month – working as an English teacher by day, writing by night and exploring the city, during my days off. Because of this cycle, I can see a glimpse into how the Japanese people operate within this society, and much of their feelings, which I must say: is no different from any other human being around the world.

When making assumptions about a particular race, it really is beneficial to see for yourself.

At work my classes are full of jokes and banter – sharing stories of travel, food and music (to name but a few). Some students are workers by day and singers by night. Others are looking to broaden their horizons by travelling, while others are just stay at home parents. What I find remarkable about this, is that although our languages, culture and societal norms are different, our human traits are very much the same. Our humor, opinions and feelings are no different, regardless of being from a different country altogether. For some reason, I assumed the mindset of such a people from the other side of the globe would be alien to me – however I was mistaken. I’ve learnt that it’s important to not judge a book by it’s cover (or a people, based on news and word of mouth). When making assumptions about a particular race, it really is beneficial to see for yourself. No amount of speculation can compare to that. And if you find distasteful elements to a certain race, perhaps you can find a reason for why such an element exists.

The people I’ve met are driven, ambitious, respectful, creative and hard working – like anywhere else in this world. The result will be different, depending on the country and the customs – however strip it all away, and that basic human trait can always be found. In my opinion, this holds true to all places this world.

We really are not that different after all. Who would have guessed, haha!

Thanks for reading!

Ricky Baxter

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