Japan X5: Gizmo

Greetings again all!

I am back again, this time with a special guest! I’ve been keeping up with his creative guy for some time – mainly following his useful vlogs about Japanese life. It is a great honor to introduce such a creative individual to this blog. My name is Ricky Baxter, and this is my interview with Gizmo!


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a Trini American bboy, rapper, actor and creator of things dope. Some people call me by my government name, some call me sensei and others call me by my nickname Gizmo.

Interesting! It seems that you’ve been living in Japan for some time. When did you first move there and why Japan in the first place?

Yea! I’ve been living in Japan for 6 years now (time flies!) I moved here in 2011 and I’m very much surprised that I’m actually still here. The plan was to live here for only one year and then go back to the US but whoops…6 years later! lol Truth be told.. I’ve always a fascination with Japan and Japanese culture from a very very young age. It all started with ninjas and samurai, but then I found the history and language very interesting. On top of all that, Japanese girls are fiiirrreeee! So, yea. Japan rocks! lol

Cool. It seems that many people I speak to (that have lived here for many years) say the same thing, regarding their original intention of staying in Japan for only one year. There must be a reason, right? What are your thoughts on the living standards in Japan, verses where you lived in the west? Is it better?

As for standard of living. I think it was relatively cheaper to live in the U.S. (I’m from Arizona.) Things like rent, food and entertainment were way cheaper than it is here. But one thing that Japan has is safety. I’ve never felt safer anywhere else. Even with impending earthquakes and tsunamis. Feels good to know I can walk home at wee hours in the morning and not worry about being robbed or something. I can also go out and get that REAL sushi and style on everybody worldwide! I love it! lol

True dat! Although I’ve only been here for a few months, there’s real sense of safety here. Although, I am not much of a fan of sushi myself (I never understand cold food lol). You seem to be involved in a lot of interesting things, so far. Everything from Vlogs, music and music videos. Please tell me about your current ventures?

Haha.. yea. I kind of have my hands in different things at the moment. I do vlogs, comedy sketches and music at the moment. I really like creating and I really like comedy. There are other things I have planned for the future but I wont divulge that info just yet (Secret secret!) My current goal at the moment is making dope creations in everything that I’m doing. I’d like to transition from doing what I love doing as just a hobby to making it my primary source of income. That’s the current goal!

I am sure at this rate, you’ll definitely real your goal. Regarding your recent music video, it’s great btw! Can you tell me a little bit about it, and why you decided to shoot it in Osaka?

Glad you enjoyed the music video! Thanks! Osaka is amazing! It’s one of my favorite places in Japan. I prefer it more than Tokyo as the people aren’t as cold, the food is great and kansai ben sounds mad slick. It’s really a great city and shooting it there just worked out well as I have friends there that were able to help me find good places to shoot (Big up Yana!)

That makes now! It seems like everybody has something great to say about Osaka. Makes me wish I moved there instead of Tokyo hahaha! Do you have an overall message? Perhaps an underlying theme to your creative works? If so, how does this tie into your personal journey with Japan?

Hmmm.. that’s a good question. I think the thing that connects everything I do is.. it’s me! My music, the various characters I portray and the things I talk about.. they’re all me. Some may be extremes of particular character traits I exhibit, but they’re all me and they’re real. So, if anything my overall message would be to just do your thing, be true to yourself and believe in your own greatness.

Spoken like a true creative. So far, myself and your followers have seen much from you in 2017. What can we expect in 2018?

You can expect more! More videos, more music, more dopeness. On top of that you can expect it to be better than it was in 2017! I have a ton of ideas and a lot of things that I’m putting in place for the future. 2018 will be great!

Thank you for time Gizmo! Do you have final message, for anybody aspiring creatives that would like to take their work to another country, like you did?

My message to any aspiring creatives is to.. DO IT! Make a plan, give yourself deadlines and MAKE IT HAPPEN. The reason I’m here doing what I do now is because the phrase “I tried my best and gave it my all” sounds much sweeter to my ears than “What if…” Shoot your shot! Do what you love. Life is short, do what makes you happy!

Thank you Gizmo!

To see more of Gizmo’s work, you can follow him on Youtube (click the link)

Ricky Baxter



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