Japan X6: The First Love

From the beginning of our species, the world has always been blessed with human creatives. Everything from: Painters, singers, composers and writers – these people (and many more) have observed the world and all that is within it, through their craft. It is through this craft that we have learned about our world and each other. However, what is this bond that we as creatives have, with the bizarre and beautiful force we call art and creativity – incarnated time and time again, via each person’s experiences and personality? What is this bond that no matter how many times we fulfill its requests, over decades, nations and countries, still continues to require our attention?

It’s a relationship, a marriage if you will. Don’t ask a creative when or where the vows were made. We know not ourselves when such a pact began. Perhaps it began before we entered this world? Of course, like any relationship, it has its highs and lows. The same way a couple will question their marriage of many years, the writer or painter does the same also – doubting whether his or her work was worth the blood sweat and tears. Some of us cheat and look elsewhere, while others stay true to our original promise – seeing it through to the end. The bond us creatives have with our creativity is truly like that of an actual being – hence the reason many of our human partners often feel neglected, as though a third person were in the relationship. They couldn’t be anymore correct.

To love an active creative is to accept their first love: The bizarre and beautiful force we call art and creativity.

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Ricky Baxter

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