What kind of writer are you?

So, my online book tour for my title: Gideon and the Crimson samurai is about to reach its end. The last stop saw my novel being reviewed by Hot Choco and Books. The feedback was great and insightful. One of the interesting things they mentioned, was something others have highlighted. I am referring to the use of profanities.

Yes – underneath this seemingly bubbly and colourful tale of mine lies a slew of curse words. This was intentional of course, and I actually find it helps to bring a greater sense of passion and emotion when certain characters are under stress. Even when reading other books, I tend to lean towards titles that throw in a curse word or two. It makes me feel excited when seeing it – especially in the heat of a fight scene. However, as much as I love this addition to certain novels, it’s also worth understanding that not everyone shares the same welcome to such inclusions.

Through this journey of writing and self-publishing, I am discovering more and more, what kind of writer I am. Thanks to the many honest reviews, I have realised that I am a fiction writer of profanities.

I feel somewhat fulfilled by this realisation – as though I have learned and accepted something about myself that has always been there. Writing truly is a wonderful thing.

So, what kind of writer are you?


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