A Novel for a Season

A funny and interesting thing has pricked my interested, as of late. It is to do with the many ways a self-published author creates. Being self-published gives me complete and utter freedom to express myself, in whatever way I want. This is all good and well, however how much do we actually think outside of the box?

A great idea came to me, which involved creating a novel that is to do with a special occasion (Xmas, Easter, Halloween etc…). Think new spins on a santa claus story or certain other cultural holidays. This doesn’t mean that our style will be comprised or downgraded. On the contrary, it merely is a great way of expressing one’s inner writer, via popular characters of tradition.

Don’t get me wrong, this is by far not an original idea. However, I wonder how useful this could be to attract new readers?

I imagine it could open up a new host of fans.

I think I just may give this a try!

Thanks for reading!

Ricky Baxter

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