First or Third person? Ways to Write

Much apologies for my short disappearance. After finishing my recent novel: Moonlight Requiem, I decided to take a break to play some games. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away, while playing Skyrim. That game is a beast!

I digress. So, as many of you writers know: A writer’s job is never over. Hence why I have already got stuck into working on a new title. However, an interesting thing came to light recently. It is to do with the many perspectives of writing. First or Third person?

Upon browsing my currently released 8 novels, I pondered the ones that were written in either first or third person, and how it impacted the story, for better or worse. For the most part, my titles are written in third person. For what reason I haven’t really asked myself, until now. In hindsight, I think a third person perspective is great to focus on many characters within a story. It provides a wide spectrum for the writer to work with. However, First person I find is much more intimate and personal. When writing in first person, I feel as though I am actually the main character. Both have strengths and weakness, which will ultimately be important to your plot and readers. Personally, I am loving the first person approach. Getting into the mind of my hero is a great experience, as a writer.

Choose wisely!

Ricky Baxter

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