No more marks!


I recently picked up an amazing book titled: Keep Going, by Austin Kleon.

It’s an amazing self help book, for writers and various other creatives. One thing that he mentioned in the book, was that of leaving our marks in this world.

You know the common thing that ambitious people say?

“I just wanna leave my mark in this world”

The problem is, the world is already littered with people who have left their marks in this world.

The world doesn’t need any more marks, rather it needs more healers. So, instead of “leaving a mark”, why not try something like: Leave the world in a better state than when you found it?

In all honesty, the meanings are not too different from one another. However, the latter sentence invokes a somewhat more positive and selfless meaning.

Well what do you think?

Whatever your thoughts, just keep creating!

Ricky Baxter

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Our stories are not just books…

As writers, in this world of good, bad and ugly – our stories are more than simple sheets of paper.

They are our experiences, hopes, dreams, reflections and imagination.

They are our weapons, used to enlighten the hearts and minds of our fellow man. Our stories are much more than us.

The world needs you to keep writing


Using your Art to find yourself

Art in any form, is truly an amazing thing. It allows us to express ourselves in a crazy world of ever changing situations. Art allows us to view the world differently and bring many things into perspective.

It also can tell you who you are. That’s right. Make enough art and you’ll notice certain patterns and traits that will reveal to you, what kind of person you are.

Going over my own previous novels – I realised a certain trend in my stories. The main points within my plots were always: Gods, faith and friendship. For some bizarre reason, my tales always seem to contain these key points. Funnily enough, I have always seemed to stray away from characters falling in love with one another (At least as a main focus of the story). Also, my characters seem to almost always be without parental families; Something that I once again was shocked to realise. I don’t know why this is, but it’s obvious that it is most likely as a result of various experiences in my life.

Thanks to the beauty of creativity and art, I am able to observe this about myself.

What does your art say about you?

Ricky Baxter

Writing a Novel is fun and all, but…

So, since starting this journey of writing fantasy books I have learned a ton things about myself and the amazing world of writing.

One of the most recent things I have observed is how useful short stories and novellas are, especially in today’s current situation.

Many writers like myself prefer to write fantasy, based off of real world events. However, if you want to use a novel to tell your story, it may not always be the wisest choice. This is because writing a novel takes at least a year, which means that the message you originally wanted to focus on would not be as interesting anymore.

If I were to tell a story on Brexit and write a novel about it – by the time I finish the actual novel, the issue of Brexit would be an after thought. As such, perhaps a better solution would be to write a short story or novella instead?

Not only do short stories and novellas take up less time, they also provide just enough room to get the plot and story across.

Food for thought.

See you soon!


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