Writing a Novel is fun and all, but…

So, since starting this journey of writing fantasy books I have learned a ton things about myself and the amazing world of writing.

One of the most recent things I have observed is how useful short stories and novellas are, especially in today’s current situation.

Many writers like myself prefer to write fantasy, based off of real world events. However, if you want to use a novel to tell your story, it may not always be the wisest choice. This is because writing a novel takes at least a year, which means that the message you originally wanted to focus on would not be as interesting anymore.

If I were to tell a story on Brexit and write a novel about it – by the time I finish the actual novel, the issue of Brexit would be an after thought. As such, perhaps a better solution would be to write a short story or novella instead?

Not only do short stories and novellas take up less time, they also provide just enough room to get the plot and story across.

Food for thought.

See you soon!


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Tell your story, the way you want

Ever watched a really bad movie? I did, just the other day in fact. It was an awful movie called Skyscraper, featuring The Rock. What irked me about it, was how bland and predictable each scene was. Family in a burning building? Check! One man who is unstoppable? Check! Pointless crime syndicate that has your typical grudge? Check! However, although I was disappointed in the whole experience, I forgave it for the simple fact that it wasn’t my story.

My stories do not recycle scenes that we all have gotten used to. My stories entertain me, just the way I like – without relying on another person to do it for me. One man’s family in a burning building? No thanks. One unstoppable man who never seems to run out of energy, even when injured from head to toe? Nahhh. Spending a bit too much money at the movie theatre, in hopes that a movie is good? Maybe next time.

As a writer, you get to tell your story, the way you want!

Thanks for reading!

Ricky Baxter

My books

Why I wrote them

Why do we create the things we create? What goes into certain pieces of work we produce?

Sometimes we create without thinking – relying more on our subconscious. Other times we create with a direct goal in mind, triggered by a feeling due to something particular we have observed. In the case of The Blue Witch and Mother Gaia, I most certainly created them with the latter in mind. So what exactly did I observe about our world that led me to make such profound stories?


The idea for the Blue Witch was purely based on feeling and not a good one at that. I grew tired of the mundane routine, of working to live and living to work. I then cast my mind back a few years and recollected the moments I struggled so hard to find just one job that would accept me, as a teen. I remember this frustration and anger like it was yesterday. Holding onto these feelings I decided to put pen to paper (Or fingers to keyboard). The result was a spiteful and detestable main character named Ophelia, who hated the world. Although inside, she just wanted some form of justice, much like many of us that have felt wronged.


Mother Gaia came about after watching the news. The particular coverage showed footage of the ever unfair treatment of Palestinians, especially children that have suffered the brunt of it all. This and a slew of various other disgraceful acts of violence across the world, got me thinking. If the earth itself (as in the very core of our planet) had a mind, what would it think about us humans? I pondered how we would look, from the viewpoint of a god or external being and assumed it wouldn’t be too pleased. This being came to be known as Mother Gaia, a goddess who grew to despise mankind, for their misdeeds. Her pain is one that many of us can relate to. A pain that comes when we have constantly given someone a chance to change their ways – yet time and time again, they disappoint us.

And there you have it, my backgrounds on just two of my treasured tales. I hope you found this post useful for your own work. Do your best!

Thank you

Ricky Baxter

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Our love for the opposite

Have you ever stopped to think about your favourite hero? Just about everybody has or had one, at some point. At the moment, my long standing hero is one piece’s Monkey D Luffy. He’s strong, loud, stubborn, stupid, breaks the rules and is incredibly loyal. However, most importantly, he is nothing like me. So why would I admire a character, who I’d almost certainly never be friends with, if her were a real person?

The same can be said for others like: Naruto, Goku, Spike (cowboy bebop), Vash the stampede (Trigun) and many more. They think with their heart (and stomach at times) and are not afriad of causing a scene, to get what they want.

An interesting answer is: They represent what we want to be… What many of us can’t be.

We can’t all go around breaking the rules like Luffy, however it’s the very fact that he cares not for the consequences, which makes him so amazing! We can’t all dream as big as Naruto, however his dream to be Hokage, filled in a world of geniuses that doubt him, make him so incredible!

Like two sides of the same coin, we need to admire others that are different from us, in order to better understand ourselves.

Thanks for reading!

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Ricky Baxter