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About a year ago, I wrote a great piece on Franco Conquista, the man behind the great workout dance craze called Bounce. Recently I came across a post that sums up who his creation is all about!

Bounce DanceFit Fitness Program 

“Fitness must not involve strenuous exercises in the gym. There’s more to staying fit other than gyming or dieting. Fitness is all about having fun with your body and staying fit by losing extra calories in a simple way. The best thing about dance is that, it’s suitable for all ages and doesn’t cause muscle pains and joint aches. It strengthens tones and improves both flexibility and posture. Most fans say dancing helps them build stamina and relax especially after a tiresome day.

Bounce Dance Fit is a fitness brand program that was created By Franco Conquista due to high demand in the UK. He identified the gap that existed in the market and decided to launch it as a group exercise class and as the group became popular, he acquired licensed instructors to teach the program. Bounce DanceFit is a choreographed Dance Fitness class whose main objective is to ensure you stay fit while you dance to different street dance styles such as waacking, hip hop, vogue and House. You get to enjoy these in a fun environment in the company of people who make the work out experience captivating.

About the pioneer

Franco Conquista is a professional dance presenter who graduated from one of the best dance schools in Europe, Rambert School and has launched the Bounce DanceFit program in over 20 countries in a span of 18 months only. In addition to that, he won the award for “Best Presenter” in England which proves how committed he is to the fitness program. Recently, he launched a Kids’ version of the fitness program called, “Bounce DanceFit Juniors” which is also doing incredibly well. This year, he has been nominated for the second consecutive time as the Best Presenter of the Year, plus Bounce DanceFit has also been nominated in the Best Brand of the Year category in the “National Community Awards” which are scheduled for November this year.

In England, they refer to him as “The man on Fire” due to the energy he has while on stage and when he’s teaching classes. He’s very passionate and ambitious about the fitness program no wonder he keeps getting nominated. His main aim is to work hard until the whole world starts bouncing to street dance styles and in the process, people stay fit. Now you don’t have an excuse for not losing some extra pounds or maintaining general body fitness when there’s a cool fitness program like Bounce DanceFit. All the choreographies are easy and fun to follow, making it the ideal workout plan for everyone who loves dancing. Lastly, the 45 min dance class offers a constant energetic cardio workout that gets you sweaty in an amazing way.”

Well done Francesco! Keep filling the world with Bounce!

Ricky Baxter

In Search of Real Truth


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We live in a time of great change and vast improvements. We can communicate with one another, in ways never thought of before, and we also have many platforms via social media to find things that affirm or test our opinions and trail of thought.

However, one can’t help but notice the effect these social media platforms have on us and our search for an objective truth.


Image provided by Buzzle

A good example of this is the ever popular Youtube. Back when it was first released, the type of data it ran on was basic, compared to now. Simply put, if you watched a cooking video, the next suggestion would have no bearing on what you previously watched. The same would go for if you watched a particular debate. The next video suggestion would have almost nothing to do with what you saw beforehand.

What this does is essentially create an online bubble, where you are the centre of it all.

Fast forward to today, and what you have are subjective suggestions that cater to you and your trail of thought. Of course for the individual, this feels like a rather good thing – which saves you the hassle of picking out your desired content. However on a larger scale, what this does is essentially create an online bubble, where you are the centre of it all.

We’ve not only become a post-fact people, but a post truth-people also. Not because the truth doesn’t exist, but because we’ve made the truth our own.

The problem with this, is that it gives us a false sense of objective truth. Because these many social media platforms cater to your mindset, we’re led to believe that the content must indeed be true. However when a diverging view is encountered, we feel threatened and lash out with online abuse – as though our world has come crashing down. Try searching for reasons why gay marriage is a good thing, and you’ll find hundreds of sources that back-up your view. Equally – search for reasons why gay marriage is a bad thing, and you’ll find sources to affirm your opinion. Of course your opinion has now become a fact – because you searched the web to find people who think like you do. So how do you respond to others who critique your view? That’s right… bring out the keyboard and let the insults begin!


Source: Red Pill nation

We call each other stupid and degrade one another, just for someone offering a different opinion. We react like predictable children – rarely offering room to absorb someone else’s point of view.

Essentially – we’ve not only become a post-fact people, but a post truth-people also. Not because the truth doesn’t exist, but because we’ve made the truth our own. It’s “My” truth, not “our” truth. Then again, perhaps we’ve always been this way inside, and social media is merely reflecting on how we operate? Nevertheless, I am quite intrigued (and slightly worried) as to where this will lead us, as a society in the future.

“Truth does not pay homage to any society, ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to the Truth or die.” – Swami Vivekananda 

Ricky Baxter


Why I don’t like the look of FF15


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Hey all! How you been? Great… that’s good to hear.

Oh me? I am ok (ish). I have a bone to pick though, against this new boy band. It’s called… Noctus and his friends or something….



This post has nothing to do with the story, gameplay and graphics of Square’s long awaited title. My grudge is purely based on the main cast, which is enough for me to look elsewhere.

For a start, Noctus and his crew pretty much look all the same. “What are you talking about Ricky?” I hear you say. Yes, I know that among this boy band of goths you may think you see diversity – however compare this to other FF titles, and you’ll see the difference…


Final Fantasy 7 was released back in 1997 but way ahead in terms of diversity, creativity and imagination. For starters you had a soldier, ninja, dog, vampire, cat, black guy with a gun arm, mechanic and flower girl. For RPG players like myself, seeing such a varied group makes me want to sink my teeth into their adventure – exploring the weird and wacky abilities they possess. The cast invited players of different tastes, by being vastly different from the other. Within the world of fiction, I look for the most unreal of characters, which is why I naturally would gravitate to FF7 instead of FF15. At the same time, if I were the sort of player who liked more human characters, I’d still prefer FF7, for it contains human characters within its cast also. However with FF15, we no longer have that option or freedom. The makers have decided for not only a realistic approach, but a narrow one also.



Backstreet boys reunion tour 2016

Everything just looks dull and the same. I kinda expected a bit of Anthropomorphism to the cast, and not just a bunch of normal looking protagonists. I would expect a title that has taken well over a decade to arrive, to be somewhat more varied. Without sounding like an SJW infused feminist, where the hell are the “oddities” of the group? No witch? no black guy? Vampire? Talking animal perhaps?

As you can tell, I am someone who favours vast diversity from my games, because for me games have always been that way. But when I look at FF15, all I see are a bunch of bland characters who’ll probably have some struggle and with another bland character who looks not too different from them. Graphically the game still looks incredible though, and will most likely be a hit – although the battle system looks worryingly clumsy for me.

Well… what about you? Am I just hating on FF15, or do you have the same sentiment as I do? Let me know your comments below, and browse some of the other RPGS that I find look far more appealing than square’s boy band.

Ps. I am not an SJW or feminist! lol

Ricky Baxter







Xenoblade Chronicles X -Addresses man’s ignorance?


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So the other day I decided to buy a Wii U – not because I think the catalogue is anything to shout about, but because I was intrigued by one game. That one game was Xenoblade Chronicles X, made by the same minds of: Xenogears, xenosaga and xenoblade chronicles. Upon popping the CD in, I enjoyed a spectacular story filled with mechs, mayhem and marvellous graphics. However throughout the game, a certain message started to develop. This message (through the use of side quests) highlighted man’s habit to discriminate, generalise and blame others that are different.

As the last survivors of earth that was destroyed by an alien species, humanity fled and landed on a planet called Mira. It is here that mankind tries to build a new future. However throughout the game, other alien species join humanity and wish to integrate. Unfortunetely this divides humanity, and many go about targeting the new found aliens – assasinating, kidnapping and even refusing the aliens entry to establishments, just because they’re different. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does. It’s part of our own history. Yet when witnessed in this fictional world, we truly see ignorant our human nature is. Blaming the mysterious aliens that destroyed earth, humanity decided to lump al other aliens into one group and direct their hatred towards them.

Here are just a few races that inhabit Mira and how humanity generalised them:


The Nopan people. Original inhabitants of Mira. Their integratin was somewhat easy, as they learned to trade with humanitiy – Setting up shops. They’re perhaps the least discriminated of the alien species.


The Ma-non are the most effected with discrimination. Although they’re peaceful and only seek to aid humanity with new technology and sciences, they are constantly met with opposition. Many humans have banned them from stores – calling them names and even going so far as to kill them. Even those who are somewhat tolerant of the Ma-non find their culteral barriers to be to hard for them.


The Prone are also another misunderstood group. Mostly because they once worked for the mysterious alien threat that destroyed earth. It’s only through open dialogue that you understand that they had no choice working with the ones who destroyed earth. You also find that there are different tribes that have different values and motives. As the player, you learn how ignorant you yourself is, after lumping them into one species.












To sound off – Xenoblade Chronicles X is an amazing game. Not just for the graphics, gameplay and storyline, but because of the morole undertones it displays.

Well done Monolith!




Why Bayonetta is the Best!


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Hi all,

After taking some time out to finish my latest novel, I figured I’d kick off the week with a dedication, if I may.

As an avid gamer I come across many games from time to time. Some better than others, and some that should never be mentioned. However none of them have come close to who I am about to introduce right now. Yes I am referring to the devil worshipping witch from Vigrid. Bayonetta!

“What’s so special about her” I hear you say?  Well take this list of 5 reasons why I not only think this sexy slinger is the best, but also the best thing to happen to gaming in awhile. Let’s dance!

  • She’s going to hell but doesn’t give a flying F**K!


Bayonetta is a umbran witch, who from birth forge blood contracts with infernal demons to do their bidding. The catch? At the time of their eventual death, they are destined for eternal hellfire.See that? That’s right… – no flying F**ks!

  • She’s stylish!


Source: Deviant art 

When she’s not slaying the forces of light in old cemeteries and parallel worlds – Bayonetta can be found shopping for the latest attire. It’s not just that. Everything she does has a certain timing, as though she were always one step ahead of everybody else. Personal shopper with an umbran witch? Yes please!


  • She puts the sex in slaying!


Source: Gamefaqs

Unlike other anti-heros, this witch actually enjoys being public enemy number one. Like a celebrity who basks in the limelight, Bayonetta is no different. While she blasts armies of angels to hell, she can be heard laughing and using sexual slurs at the same time. It’s obvious that her time in the witches coven has suppressed certain ‘natural urges’ (wink wink).

  • She broke smash brothers Wii U!


Source: Vampire diaries wikia

That’s right. Although the inclusion of the sexy senorita brought initial excitement fans of SSB worldwide. Many soon found that her skills were a little… too good. It even has gotten so bad, official tournaments have considered banning her altogether. Ouch! nowhere in the history of SSB has a non Nintendo character entered the ring with such overkill. Sorry not sorry.


She’s the perfect friend


Source: Videogamer

Beyond all the bravado and antics, Bayonetta is actually a pretty loyal person. As displayed in Bayonetta 2 where she barged into the gates of hell to take back her best friend, Jeanne. She may not always say it, but Bayonetta treasures those around her – often finding it hard to say goodbye. This could be because in a world where she’s hunted by the armies of heaven, along with a doomed fate of spending eternity in hell, friendship is the only thing worth living for? Nobody knows for sure, but if there’s one thing we do know – Bayonetta is the best.

Thanks for reading!

Ricky Baxter (don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook)




I wrote a new novella! Queen will be available on Amazon 1st May 2016!

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Interview with Lewisham’s most Creative Screenwriter!


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Greetings all!

As usual I have scoured the streets of London, looking for its finest people and establishments. This week I had the chance to catch up with A Screenwriter who’s ideas are unlike any you’ve seen before. Ok so let’s get started!

First things first. Who are you, where do you come from and what do you do?

I am Michael Valentine Everett, I’m from good old South East London; Lewisham.
By day I’m a consumer consultant but by night I write screen plays for films.

Interesting practice. What inspired you to be a Screenwriter?

A lot of things really. Growing up me and my family loved, and still love films and anything with a good story be it anime, games or even books.
I love the whole idea of creating something from nothing. Starting with blank pages and filling them out and saying yeah, I did that.
And having people watch your creation and actually laugh, it’s a great feeling.

I will accept you 100% just don’t come down on me when I fail you by accident or my flaws show, because I will always accept you.

It sounds like you’ve been inspired by quite a variety of things. Do you have certain specific influences?

Definitely, Christopher Nolans films just… Mate. You watch them on the big screen and leave knowing that was money well spent… It was a great journey. Even if you don’t understand the whole story *cough* interstellar and inception.
Also certain anime like One Piece, about this any guy who sets out to become great, start an adventure, make new friends and build strong bonds. You find yourself caring for the characters, even tho you know they don’t exist!

Tell us about your current projects?

I am currently working on two very different films. One is Deep Dive; a story about a young man and his monkey who set out to get a crew, become a great pirate, and find his mum who left him and his dad when he was a child. Equipped with a mysterious sword, the Crimson Hummingbird and eventually obtaining the ship; the Soaring Albatross, he gets caught up in all kinds of adventures.

 Don’t hold onto things that let you down.

The second, is a smart scale piece about a typical average guy meets girl scenario. However he one day realises he has the ability to rewind time by a certain amount. He ends up using this ability to make this relationship “perfect” redoing any mistakes and re-living every moment to make it “perfect”…. Until…. Lol

I get the feeling that there lies an overall moral somewhere. Do you have a certain message with your projects? If so, how does it reflect who you are?

Yes! With the second one, the message for that is that flaws, failures and imperfections are needed in our lives. They help mound and shape us into who we are. Our greatest lessons happen after our greatest failures and mistakes. And I personally believe we are all flawed in some way, but it’s all about accept people as they are, flaws and all, and not expecting perfection; especially in relationships. I have the attitude of “I will accept you 100% just don’t come down on me when I fail you by accident or my flaws show, because I will always accept you.”

Everyone is supporting each other but I do feel that there are many wonderful ideas that aren’t given a chance to shine.

And for Deep Dive it’s simple, just enjoy your life. Don’t take it too seriously, we’re only here for what, 70+ years? Try to spend as much of that as you can enjoying. Don’t hold onto things that let you down.

What’s your thoughts on the industry in London? Do you feel that creativity is represented well here?

I feel it’s growing, plenty of film festivals, even the online community is thriving. Everyone is supporting each other but I do feel that there are many wonderful ideas that aren’t given a chance to shine. Plenty of original and exciting material that just needs a chance to get out there.
The small indie projects need more limelight.

What’s next for Michael Everett?

Next? Next we have Deep Dive 3, the last install enemy of the series. Most films you write, expecting it to be the only one, but with Deep Dive we always had a 3 part in mind.
Collaborations with my brothers, and maybe even other screenwriters out there! Definitely try my hand at entering film festivals! And reaching out to find others in London on the same creative wave!

Thank you Michael!

To Connect with Michael simply click here!


Inside London’s Finest Bar


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London – the finest city in all of England. Home to diverse culture, tourist sights and food… – lot’s of food. However if there’s one place that trumps any other, it’s POLO BAR!

polo inside

Don’t worry, the bear doesn’t bite… too much. He was kind enough to leave his last victim’s hat!

Situated just outside of Liverpool street station, this unique and fantastic place offers the best food you can think of. Oh and did I mention that it’s 24hrs? Although it’s called a bar – POLO is more like a hybrid between ones favourite british cafe (on the ground floor) and then a bar (on the 1st floor). My first encounter was early last year (that’s January 2015 to be precise) when a friend and I fancied a good old fashioned full english breakfast. The staff were lovely, and led us to our seats to take our order. Even before the food came, they already had things prepared. Metro newspapers and magazines hung by the sides to read while waiting for the grub, and the fascinating decorum kept us starry eyed for some time.
polo breakpolo eatpolo grubpolo 1

Long story short – the food is to die for! I’ve tried many full English breakfasts in my time – however this by far trumps all the others (and at a neat price too). The food is cooked at just the right level, along with generous portions to boot. So far, I’ve tried the full english, burgers and chips, and apple crumble with ice-cream.


The staff pass by, just enough to say hi – without the constant pestering we’re used to from certain chains. It’s obvious that the minds behind POLO BAR know how to please their customers, and they do it flawlessly. Since then I have been back as many times as I can – bringing friends who visit to what I consider London’s best Bar/Cafe. 5 Stars go to this amazing place to eat. Long live POLO 24 Bar!


For the official website of POLO24BAR, click this link!


Ricky Baxter is a writer and Author, based in London England.

Keys to the city


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Teriy Keys – also known as Smurfie Syco is a man of many talents. Not only was he signed to Dizzee rascal, under Dirty Stank records – he also is the CEO of London’s most ambitious entertainment company: R.O.A.D Entertainment. In a nutshell, R.O.A.D entertainment specialises in music, television, publishing and beyond. It also provides a training program for young people, interested in entertainment.

road ent

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to Teriy’s christmas launch party – where a host of notable faces were seen. Of course I leapt at the chance to see what one of the members of dirty stank had to offer.

Key gang

Blast from the past. Picture taken in 2013. Teriy Keys, Dizzee, Musical D, D Double E (Wikipedia)

Just before turning up to the launch event, I wondered how the event would look, and what kind of people would be there. What sort of person is Teriy keys anyway? Naturally I was intrigued by someone who is affiliated with one of London’s greatest artists, and wondered what exactly is his mission and purpose? It’s clear by his many skills and expertise, Teriy is not just a producer or random Dj, but instead something far greater. For someone to even think of establishing their own entertainment company, that someone would have to be an entrepreneur.

keys h

Teriy speaking at the industry takeover event.

So I entered the R.O.A.D Entertainment building and took no time mingling with the many attendees that came along. There were many important figures during the night – ranging from: speakers, youth workers to photographers and actors. However of all the people I came across, there was one who stood out the most. A  motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur named: Hannah oyewole.

Key hanna

Teriy Keys and Hannah Oyewole at the young Ladies club.To connect with Hannah, visit her website at: 

Hannah among many other entrepreneurs filled the evening with their presence. This speaks volumes to Teriy Key’s company and the kind of individuals he works with. This event gave a chance for true professionals to connect and network – with R.O.A.D Entertainment setting the stage.

T youth

Keys speaking at international youth day.

Midway through the launch event, the man of the hour showed up and spoke a little about R.O.A.D Entertainment. By the end, it was made clear what his company is about, and what makes it so important for Londoners. Not only does R.O.A.D Entertainment cater to industry professionals, it also works with those in the community. The next best thing to happen to London is here.

Ricky Baxter

Author and blogger

To connect with Teriy Keys and R.O.A.D Entertainment, simply follow this link! 

Believing in you work


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So it’s been a year since the release of my title: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai. I never would imagine that other people would take such a liking to the story, the way I imagined it. As it’s my own creation, I would have a biased love for it – however when another person expresses how they enjoyed my work, a great feeling of satisfaction overcomes me.

In total I have obtained 12 shining, 5 star reviews (sometimes 4). I no longer feel the hesitation that I had, a year ago. Now I know for certain that whatever I create, somebody out there… in this big ol world will appreciate it.

Believe in your work… believe in you.

Reviews screenshot

To check out this amazing title, simply head to Amazon!

Author Ricky Baxter


A City Boy Who’s Not afraid of Change


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Being part of a city rat race is nothing new for us Londoners. We get up, go to work, eat, go to bed and repeat. A lot of us yearn for a change – however because of many factors (family, finances, fear etc…) we merely end up pushing our need for change to the back of the list. There is one person who decided to challenge everything, and did it anyway – regardless of the consequences. Naturally he learned a lot from his decision and experience – even writing a book along the way. 


Who are you, where do you come from and what do you do?

My name is Alva, I’m born and raised in London, but my background is Sierra Leone,and Trinidad & Tobago. At the moment I work in financial risk IT.

Tell us a little of your background and certain interests? If I am not mistaken, you’re quite the skateboarder.

I have a few interests; mainly art, cooking, and writing. Yes, I also skate when I have time, but these days I feel so old and fragile that I just take my bicycle when I go out.

A little while ago, you journeyed to Japan. What made you decide to go there, compared to the many other places in the world?

My trip to Japan was just a series of fortunate events. I couldn’t sleep one night a few years back. I was tossing and turning, and just felt very stuck in life- it got to about 4am in the morning, and I still hadn’t slept. So I checked for last minute international flights. The first two that came up were Japan, and Brazil. Japan was around £700 and the flight was leaving in 5 hours, and Brazil was around £900 and was leaving in 8 hours, so I booked the flight to Japan, packed a rucksack, and jumped on a train to Heathrow. I knew next to nothing about Japan, or Brazil, it simply came down to which flight was the cheaper one. Had Brazil been cheaper, the last few years of my life would have turned out completely different.

What was it like being in Japan as a British Citizen, let alone a person of colour?

Japan is one of the most amicable places I’ve visited. I stayed in various cities, but lived in a small countryside town for most of my time in Japan. I could probably count on one hand, the people there who had seen a black person in the flesh. But they were in no way negative or xenophobic towards me. People who didn’t know me would say hello, people would go out of their way to help me. They always had time to talk, and I used to eat and drink with a group of grandmothers. Anywhere you go in Japan, there are always new people to meet, and you can end up making a whole group of friends in the time it takes to finish one beer.

Tell us about your book: Musings of a nobody. What is it about and what made you wish to write something like it?

The book was a project I’d started a long time ago, but then gave up on. At the time, I didn’t think that I had seen enough to write a book on life’s experience. I was also avery different person to who I am now. But been abroad for as long as I was; all the different countries I lived in, all the people I met, and all the situations I was in, made me start writing again. I realized that no matter where you go, you bring your mind with you. I also realized that no matter where you go, everyone is fighting the same battle with themselves. So I started writing the book again just as a piece on my self- introspection, nothing more. It’s about mistakes I’ve made, damage I’ve caused (to myself and others), and ways I’ve changed. It’s just as the title says, the thoughts of an unknown person.

What sort of person is your book catered to, and what can one learn from it?

I don’t know if there is anything someone can learn from my book, because it’s just a retrospective on my life, and many of the things may be too subjective or specific for another person to relate to, or learn from it. I would however, like people to read it and look at their own life, and think about what they think they’re doing wrong in life, what they think they’re doing right, and how much pain they inflict on themselves. I don’t think there’s a certain type of person my book is catered to; but I do think that people who are at a stage of sudden self-understanding may take more from it than those who are not at all interested in introspection.

So you accomplished your trip to Japan, and wrote a long awaited book. What else is next for you?

Haha, in all honestly, I don’t have a clue what the next step is. I am currently playing at being grown up, and staying in one place for a while. I’m working on a novel, learning everything little thing that I can, and trying to stick to what my experiences have taught me. I still need to live in Brazil because it was the runner-up when I was looking at tickets, so maybe there’s something there for me. And if there isn’t anything there for me, I’m sure I’ll pick up a few life lessons along the way!

Thank you

Much appreciated Ricky!

Screen shot 2015-09-22 at 14.18.47

To read Alva’s: Musings Of A Nobody, click the link here!