Our hands are truly a blessing. With them, we can transform our imagination and feelings into a reality that others can experience. We truly are wondrous beings.

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Delish and Yummy Interview!

Greetings all!

So my next online tour destination took me to Delish and Yummy food and books – a great blogger that asked some good questions about the characters of my title: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai.

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Japan X9: Dreams and Achievements!

Greetings all!

One of my curiosities here in Japan, is finding out how other foreigners like myself are doing here. Not just likes and dislikes but achievements and reached goals. I recently reached out to an individual, living here in Japan. Also a foreigner in this land, this person not only oozes ambition and success but has the proof to back it up. This person proves that success can be achieved, not in our home country but a different one. I present to you Will Harrell: an executive and promoter.

Welcome to my blog Will! So where are you originally from?

Detroit, Michigan

Nice! That’s quite far from the land of the rising sun. What brought you to Japan of all places? How long have you been here and why did you come here?

My dreams to succeed and adventure brought me to Japan. I have lived here for a little over 2 years now. I came here to pursue a career in Advertising/entertainment/business.

Will is an Account executive and SNS promoter for a English restaurant magazine publishing company called Business World Corporation

Tell me a little more about the different kinds of work you do?

Currently, I am working as an Account Executive for an English restaurant magazine publishing company. My basic duties are sales but because of my credentials and promotional know-how, I became the manager that overseas all social media that my company uses, as well as our clients’ social media, depending on the circumstance of the promotion. In addition, I work as a video producer for my company as well as assistant cameraman for all video shoots which includes cinematography and photography.

Image provided by Will Harrell

I want to achieve ultimate success. At least to a point where I can maintain a family and put children through college.

Will insta
Will manages a host of media at @WiningdiningTokyo. Be sure to follow on instagram!
Will Gyoza pic
(Image from @winingdiningtokyo)

Clearly you have a lot of things under your belt! I can’t help but wonder what drives you. What is it you want to achieve with your work?

I want to achieve ultimate success. At least to a point where I can maintain a family and put children through college. But at the end of the day, I would like to be as wealthy as possible and become a philanthropist. I dream of having enough money to give back, fund education with scholarships and be the person I needed when I was young.

As a child my mother would always tell me that we didn’t have it as good as others but with hard work we could.

By the looks of things, you seem like quite a successful person. How did you get to this stage and what inspired you along the way?

My hardships and pain inspired me. As a child my mother would always tell me that we didn’t have it as good as others but with hard work we could. Being in East Detroit, I was constantly reminded of how poor we were compared to other people because certain areas were considered the rich districts. I would be driven through these places and look at houses that were much bigger than mine in neighborhoods that looked much safer than mine as well. Seeing how other people lived compared to how I lived used to make me question “Why isn’t it like that for me? I don’t want this for me or my family. How can I get that?”. As for getting to where I am now, I studied hard and made choice decisions, some good and bad but luckily, I made it this far and even though I may look successful I don’t consider the point I’m at now to be “successful”. I am capable of much more but at this moment I don’t feel comfortable where I am now.

For me, living in Japan is safe, clean, the food is much more healthier, it’s fun and I love Japan.

In your honest opinion, is it harder or easier for westerners to find specialized work in Japan, compared to the US or Europe?

In regards to harder or easier. I believe that depends on the job you are seeking. Being an English teacher in Japan is one of the easiest jobs to get as long as you have the requirements. Plus, these positions usually pay well. As for other positions like government positions, entertainment, management, etc. I believe this homogenous country isn’t ready to accept foreigners for these types of positions. Approaching something like that would be more challenging compared to the US. Also, some Japanese companies like to take advantage of hard working foreigners and sometimes people end up being underpaid and overworked.

Even though things aren’t perfect, I do see myself trying to stay here long term…

What are your thoughts on living in Japan and do you see yourself here, long term?

For me, living in Japan is safe, clean, the food is much more healthier, it’s fun and I love Japan. But, I wish Japan loved me. As a black person being here, I experience things differently just as other black people that may feel the same as I do. Even though things aren’t perfect, I do see myself trying to stay here long term and even marrying in Japan someday.

Do you have any future projects or work coming up?

Yes, I do. Right now, working with my current company, I am a producer and cameraman for our PR video shoots. I have many potential projects lined up that will most likely have me busy these following months. The most recent video my team and I finished can be seen here.

Thank you Will!

To contact Will Harrell, you can reach him at:

Kick ass girls of anime!

I am not one for stereotyping – however when I come across certain TV shows, I almost always know what it will be about. However, there are times when I am wrong, and a show ends up blowing me away – completely destroying my previous judgements. This is something I believe we all can learn from, as these series have broken the mould of what it means to be shows for just girls. My top three is as follows!



I remember ignoring this OVA for ages – opting for other anime that turned out to eventually pale in comparison at the time. However one day, late at night, this gem appeared on Sci-fi channel, and I decided to give it a go. This wasn’t a story about girls in school. It was a truly sublime and touching story about three girls who band together to protect the world from evil beings. There’s blood, death, tears, and most of all… a strong story that wipes the floor with most anime today. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself

2) Angelic Layer


Although this may look like a young girl’s deluded dream of talking to her favourite doll, you’d be right in thinking so. Misaki uses her doll to fight for her, against other girls (some boys) and their dolls. However, if you stay with this memorable story to the end, you’ll find a deeper message of one girl’s longing to find her mother. The fight scenes are also a sight to behold. Not to mention it’s a bargain to grab, Get it for yourself!

1) Madoka Magica


What can I say? I was probably the biggest skeptic for this series. The first few episodes didn’t even catch my interest. The whole thing females becoming magical girls is something that’d never resonated with me. However, upon learning of their fate of eventually becoming evil witches, I was gob smacked. Following their desperate attempt at trying to escape an awful fate, the series gripped me, and became one of my best anime series to date. If you haven’t seen this stunning anime, then you need it here!

I’d like to thank the minds behind such great stories. Because of these examples, I’ve learnt not to judge a DVD by its cover.

Ricky Baxter

No need for revolutionaries – we have social media instead!

In this age of social media, we can see the world on a scale we never imagined. Injustice can be caught on film and instantly uploaded to Facebook for people’s opinions, and conscious rants can be heard on Youtube for the listeners benefit. You’d think that such shifts in our society would bring forth great minds that can implement change – much like the ones of old who we more or less acknowledge as being revolutionaries of some kind.

The problem is however, we all have a voice now – which often time gets lost in the sound. Now I am all for the rights of others and the people – however I can’t help but notice that with all our constant bickering and rants on social media, I find that nothing much actually changes. It’s as though we’ve become saturated with opinions that things don’t really matter anymore. Had we lived in the days of the civil rights movement, yet with the inclusion of social media, I wonder how much impact would’ve been made… or not made? Our governments can still choose to war with countries we would rather not engage with – however it makes no difference the amount of videos we share or likes we acquire. The same outcome will still occur, in my opinion.

My solution is quite clear and simple: Actions speak louder than words. It always has done. Whether it’s protests, riots or strikes – one can’t deny the power of action in the real world – not the digital one.

Ricky Baxter