Our hands are truly a blessing. With them, we can transform our imagination and feelings into a reality that others can experience. We truly are wondrous beings.

Ricky Baxter

Fictional Interview

So – Gideon, my main character from: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai, recently got interviewed by a blogger called: Random thoughts from a tech nerd.

Although Gideon is a fictional character, I felt that I was watching my own child in the spotlight.

I wonder. What exactly do my characters mean to me? Are they merely different sides of my personality or fictional offspring to take after me?

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That moment when you realise…

A work colleague and I were talking the other day. I asked him: “How is your other career plans going?”, for I was aware he was working in another field of work which he’s often spoke highly of. “It’s going great” he said. “I am mentoring other people within the world of sport and training.” Now I usually wouldn’t care for such a response, for conversations regarding sport and fitness is enough to make me gauge my eyes out. However something about his¬†enthusiasm pricked my interest to carry on the conversation. What he said afterward is something I probably will never forget. “I finally realise who I am and what I am meant to do.”¬†That one sentence alone carried a significant clarity that left a smile on my face. It’s not everyday another human being tells you that they realise why they’re on this earth and who they are. I for one tend to keep that a secret. However to hear that from somebody else is somewhat inspiring. My work colleague has accepted the path that he/god/destiny has presented for him, and that takes much courage.

I remember the day I realised who I am. It happened after I made the decision to halt music composition and migrate to the world of writing. That was when I realised that I am a creator – somebody who’ll probably never be stable in this world, but will leave traces of works for others to experience. This I accept and own, and this realisation can never be taken away… by anyone.

The moment you realise who you are… is a beautiful thing.

Ricky Baxter