First or Third person? Ways to Write

Much apologies for my short disappearance. After finishing my recent novel: Moonlight Requiem, I decided to take a break to play some games. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away, while playing Skyrim. That game is a beast!

I digress. So, as many of you writers know: A writer’s job is never over. Hence why I have already got stuck into working on a new title. However, an interesting thing came to light recently. It is to do with the many perspectives of writing. First or Third person?

Upon browsing my currently released 8 novels, I pondered the ones that were written in either first or third person, and how it impacted the story, for better or worse. For the most part, my titles are written in third person. For what reason I haven’t really asked myself, until now. In hindsight, I think a third person perspective is great to focus on many characters within a story. It provides a wide spectrum for the writer to work with. However, First person I find is much more intimate and personal. When writing in first person, I feel as though I am actually the main character. Both have strengths and weakness, which will ultimately be important to your plot and readers. Personally, I am loving the first person approach. Getting into the mind of my hero is a great experience, as a writer.

Choose wisely!

Ricky Baxter

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Fictional Interview

So – Gideon, my main character from: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai, recently got interviewed by a blogger called: Random thoughts from a tech nerd.

Although Gideon is a fictional character, I felt that I was watching my own child in the spotlight.

I wonder. What exactly do my characters mean to me? Are they merely different sides of my personality or fictional offspring to take after me?

For the full interview, click here


Japan X 1: Arrival

Greetings all, and apologies for being MIA.

For those new here, my name is Ricky Baxter, writer and self-published author of a slew of amazing novels, on Amazon.

Born and raised in London UK,  I recently took up a teaching role in Tokyo Japan, and have been living here for the past week. Over the coming months I’ll be posting my experiences, once a week under the title Japan X (Sounds amazing right?). Let’s get started shall we?

In Akihabara

“Why on earth Japan?” you may say? Well… I have always had a certain attachment to Japanese culture, ever since watching my first anime and playing my first console game. Over the years, such content would inspire me to create my own work, such as writing and music. In the back of my mind I always wondered what Japan really was like. What sort of lives do such a people lead? What about their life brings them to create such profound and passionate stories, told through the medium of their many forms of entertainment?

Of course moving past the bright lights, there are more deeper things to see, such as museums, parks, temples and landmarks.

 I had to know, which was why I took up a teaching role to explore the culture that granted so much inspiration to me. Perhaps being so close would heighten my creative juices even more as a writer?

My farewell post leaving the UK. AwwwūüėĘ

Fast forward after a ridiculously long and uncomfortable flight and here I am, with 2 overley packed suitcases. So far I’ve seen Shinjuku and Akihabara, which had the well expected glitz and glamour. Of course moving past the bright lights, there are more deeper things to see, such as museums, parks, temples and landmarks.

A Buddhist temple in Shinjuku. I can’t explain it, but a feeling of awe and wonder overcomes me when I see these temples, more than the modern skyscrapers so farūü§Ē

So far, the various shinto and Buddhist temples have resonated with me, more than anything else, which is surprising – for I expected to be more impressed by the glitz and glamour. In fact, the area where I am staying: Tabata, a residential place has caught my eye more. Perhaps it’s because this reveals the real day to day living of the Japanese, and not the flashy sights that can be found anywhere else? Time will tell, and I’ll be sure to update you, every step of the way.


Thanks for reading!

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Ricky Baxter

Inside London’s Finest Bar

London – the finest city in all of England. Home to diverse culture, tourist sights and food… – lot’s of food. However if there’s one place that trumps any other, it’s POLO BAR!

polo inside
Don’t worry, the bear doesn’t bite… too much. He was kind enough to leave his last victim’s hat!

Situated just outside of Liverpool street station, this unique and fantastic place offers the best food you can think of. Oh and did I mention that it’s 24hrs? Although it’s called a bar – POLO is more like a hybrid between ones favourite british cafe (on the ground floor) and then a bar (on the 1st floor). My first encounter was early last year (that’s January 2015 to be precise) when a friend and I fancied a good old fashioned full english breakfast. The staff were lovely, and led us to our seats to take our order.¬†Even before the food came, they already had things prepared. Metro newspapers and magazines hung by the sides to read while waiting for the grub, and the fascinating decorum kept us starry eyed for some time.
polo breakpolo eatpolo grubpolo 1

Long story short – the food is to die for! I’ve tried many full English breakfasts in my time – however this by far trumps all the others (and at a neat price too). The food is cooked at just the right level, along with generous portions to boot. So far, I’ve tried the full english, burgers and chips, and apple crumble with ice-cream.


The staff pass by, just enough to say hi – without the constant pestering we’re used to from certain chains. It’s obvious that the minds behind POLO BAR know how to please their customers, and they do it flawlessly. Since then I have been back as many times as I can – bringing friends who visit to what I consider London’s best Bar/Cafe. 5 Stars go to this amazing place to eat. Long live POLO 24 Bar!


For the official website of POLO24BAR, click this link!


Ricky Baxter is a writer and Author, based in London England.

Bounce DanceFit Comes to London Town!

If there was one place you needed to be last Sunday, it was at the London Eye. Not because of the eye itself mind you (although it is a nice attraction) but because Bounce DanceFit showcased to the general public – via flash mob!

Approximately 18:00, the unsuspecting inhabitants of London were met with a pair of dancers, looking to be busting a groove in a random fashion. To their surprise, many thought-to-be bystanders were in fact Bounce DanceFit members! Each joining the growing and choreographed flash mob. Within moments the mob grew to a score of around 30 people Рall dancing to the great tunes of Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani and many more. Crowds of public, young and old watched pleasantly and eagerly Рmesmerised by the Bounce Dancefit group, led by its creator: Franco Conquest.

The point of Bounce Dancefit flash mob, is to showcase that anybody¬†can do it.”

On that sunset afternoon Sunday, Londoners got to experience first hand what Bounce Dancefit was all about. When asked why the decision to execute a flash mob, Franco explained that “The point of Bounce Dancefit flash mob, is to showcase that anybody¬†can do it.” In other words: Bounce is accessible to anybody who is looking to have fun, get fit and feel good!

“Bounce Dancefit is the only program that is bringing street dance to a level that is accessible to most people.”

Members of the public had much to say. Praising the performance as “unexpectedly surprising, and greatly exciting.” Another mentioned how much of a “breath of fresh air the act was.” Perhaps this was due to the overall enthusiasm¬†of the flash mob, which allowed others to connect with it? After all, most of the flash mob dancers didn’t come from a long experience of dancing, as stated by Franco. They simply brought their fun, energy and ability to move! This further is testament to Bounce Dancefit, and why it is unique among other dance programs.

The UK is going crazy for Bounce and its addictive Dance workouts.

Franco has no qualms in saying that “Bounce Dancefit is the only program that is bringing street dance to a level that is accessible to most people.” A new kid is on the block – going by the name of Bounce Dancefit, and it is taking over the UK, one dance groove at a time. If like myself, you eventually decide to take part in the UK’s finest workout program, you can expect a lot of fun, friendship, love and laughter. In fact every week there’s something new within Bounce Dancefit.

The UK is going crazy for Bounce and its addictive Dance workouts. The fitness world has a new addition to those who want to feel good and get healthy at the same time. Welcome Bounce DanceFit!

To find out more about Bounce Dancefit, simply head to the Facebook page here!

franco card
Franco Conquest

Oh, and a huge thank you to Kay for treating Bounce’s creator with a lovely card!

Francesco Conquest

Writer: Ricky Baxter

Leeds’s Stunning Strummer!

Hey all! It’s with great pleasure that I introduce somebody who I absolutely adore, and had the honour of listening to perform. If you’re based in Leeds, you’d probably know about this amazing artist. Yes, I am talking about the unique beauty: Malaika Shaw. For those who have yet to¬†hear of her, take a look at our short but sweet interview, and keep Malaika in your Top list to see, when you eventually¬†visit Leeds. If there’s anything you need to do this year, it’s to experience one of her amazing gigs. You won’t be the same. I sure am not. Once I heard her amazing voice, I became her biggest fan (groupie).¬†

Hello Malaika and thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Who are you what do you do and where do you come from?

I am Malaika Shaw. I am a Musician and Songwriter and come from Ireland. I am also half african.

When did you first start playing the guitar?

I was 11, found a guitar in the loft, and discovered my true passion for music. I thought I was going to be the next Dimebag Darrell! At 18 i purchased an acoustic guitar and started writing and recording.

I can imagine that since playing for quite some time, you’d naturally develop your own style. Explain your sound and musical style?

It’s a mix of¬†Pop, Soul and Jazz,.

Do you mind telling us what your songs are about?

They are about a lot of different things. Some are about love and general life however sometimes I could write about thing totally fiction.

That is quite a unique take on song themes. What inspires you to write the songs you write?

I was¬†determined to create a sound which merged R&B and Jazz. I¬†didn’t know of any other artist making music like that at the¬†time I started.

What has been the biggest highlight of your musical journey?

So far its got to be going over to perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival. So many of my favourite artists have played this and it was a huge honour to share a stage with Jamie Cullum.

What can we expect over the next few months from Malaika?

I will be doing a really exciting gig at the Wardrobe in Leeds on the 3rd of October, supporting Riot jazz. I cant wait. I am also doing lots of writing and recording. So expect to hear some more music in the next couple of months.

Thank you Malaika!

To connect with Malaika, Just head over to her Facebook here!

My Amazing Sunday with London’s Hottest Dance Instructor!

I received a phone call early last week. It was from a long time friend of mine, Franco, who rang to invite me to his dance workout on the weekend. Apparently this particular dance workout was to be his own original creation workout called: Bounce Dancefit. I didn’t know what set apart bounce from any other dance workout session – however I was soon to find out… the power of Bounce. As I’ve never been to a single class before (Lazy friend I am) My curiosity got the best of me, and I agreed to attend.

Sunday morning came, and I woke up bright and early (for once) to meet him at Waterloo for 12pm. I waited at the station for a while, before hearing a familiar: “Hey¬†Fratello”, from Franco who arrived at the station. Yes that’s right, this friend of mine hails from the hills of Naples Italy (don’t quote me on the hills part).

Francesco hair
Although he’s only lived in the UK for 5 years, Franco has already achieved more than most London born inhabitants. However, the journey has been far from easy.

As we boarded the train, ready to go to our destination which resided just past London, Franco expressed his nerves at the prospect of his very first dance creation to people outside of London.

This was magic – not the harry potter type, but a positive, strong and sexy magic that spellbound all of us.

I never quite thought about it until now, but I can only imagine how tough it could be for someone to learn a completely foreign language, in a new country, earn a living and follow your dreams. I was reminded of certain experiences he faced that he mentioned to me in the past, when he first came here. With little English, Franco worked tending to dishwasher duties for some restaurants, and would often get blamed for things that weren’t his fault. However now, things are different. Franco now not only leads his own dance workouts, but is gaining a huge following with every session – however this particular upcoming session seems to have somewhat shaken him. Is it due to the fact that Bounce is his very own newest creation, or is this just usual giddy nerves?

This was a different person I thought I always knew. Right now Franco is in his element and dancing is his world.

We arrived at our destination, and I followed Franco to the studio to where he was to await the attendees. Each participant had never met him nor experienced his classes before, so I can only imagine the thoughts going through his head. However, the moment he switched on the PA system to warm up… something changed. The Initial sense of apprehension I once felt from Franco, turned into a bold fighter, ready to take on an entire army (an army of 30 attendees anyway).

They enter the class in small groups – waiting for Franco to make the first move. He briefs them on Bounce Dancefit – telling them that Bounce will involve street dance, body popping and twerking, which at that point the attendees chuckle. How naive they were.

Although I was sitting by the corner, even I was moving – as though an energy were pulling me back and forth

As soon as the session started, Franco transformed into a dancing machine and everybody followed. Although I was sitting by the corner, even I was moving – as though an invisible energy were pulling me back and forth. This was a different person I thought I always knew. Right now Franco is in his element and dancing¬†is his world. His motivation is captivating, and now I truly see why many attend Franco’s dance workouts – Bounce now being no exception. 2 late comers arrive, at which point he shouts a welcoming and strong: “Hello guys!”, followed by a random cheer from a member of the group. This was magic – not the harry potter type, but a positive, strong and sexy magic that spellbound all of us. The weather outside is abysmally grey and raining – however inside, this is where the sun is hiding. On this sunday, the sun is now¬†Bounce Dancefit.

As the workout comes¬†to a close, the music stops and everybody leaves. I slowly stroll to Franco – afraid to approach this new person that set us all ablaze. He turns around and smiles before asking: “What did you think Fratello?”. “Amazing” I reply – left with a truly admirable appreciation for London’s hottest dance instructor: Franco.

Screen shot 2015-07-29 at 22.08.14

Ricky Baxter

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