I had the opportunity to be interviewed recently, by a great blogger called: DIY Leeds. It was about my interests and upcoming novel, Gideon and the Crimson Samurai! Check it out!


“Can you tell us a bit about yourself?”

I am a writer and Composer who has always loved the idea of creating content through music and writing. For as long as I can remember, I have always connected with music and writings that possessed an indirect message of some sort. This has usually been in the form of Japanese films, games and anime. I think that has always been what’s inspired me to create the things I do. It’s what inspired me to get into composing and writing. At this stage of my work I am focusing more on writing novels.

Can you tell us about the books you are writing ?…

Yes of course! Well, last year I completed and released a book on Youtube called Colours of Destiny. Colours of Destiny was a visual novel that incorporated both music and writing – putting a new spin on the concept of reading. Currently I am in the end stages of completing my newest book – a novel titled: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai. It’s a fantasy tale about a young boy who goes in search of his missing father – yet on his journey he meets a red scarf-wearing samurai who aids him on his travels. I have taken quite an unorthodox approach to the format of this novel, as It’s written similar to a play, as opposed to the typical he said-she said style of novel. Gideon and the Crimson Samurai will be available on your Kindle by the end of the year.

Can you tell me about some of your influences ?…, I hear you have a fascination with far eastern/Japanese culture.

Japanese culture has definitely been a source of influence from an early age for me. I would say it’s their power of expression through certain mediums such as games and anime that has always resonated with me – when at the time many here in the west considered those things either childish or not important. Of course now things have changed, and people realise these forms of entertainment can be just as strong as any Hollywood film. In my opinion the Japanese have a unique trait that at first glance many would assume to be weak and soft – however when you look at their content, you see that underneath they have a powerful message to say. In many ways I consider myself similar in that regard, for many often assume me to be of certain character: Soft, happy and cheerful. However under the surface I too have strong messages that I like to express – messages that many would perceive as rebellious or dark.
What about moving to Leeds, has the city influenced you in any way ?…

Well as any creative might say, I think any move of some sort, or change is bound to influence their work. Interestingly enough I have been inspired by certain names of buildings or streets that I decided to include in my current story. I am sure there are other influences Leeds has had on me, but I don’t think the influences are exclusive to Leeds per say, but rather simply meeting new people and locations.

Do you have a favourite book ?…

Hahaha – that’s a good question. My favourite book of all time has to be Yuya Aoki’s: Psycho Busters. It’s a light novel about psychics and deadly teenagers, and I have yet to find another novel to top it off my list.
What does the future hold ?…

Well I hope that to continue writing in the future. Gideon and the Crimson Samurai is actually a trilogy, so I will most probably be sticking to this for quite a while. Thanks to the wonders of self-publishing I can bring my content to the world and not wait years for an agent to do the very same thing. Whatever the future has in store, I know I will always create something new for people to experience – you can be sure of that!

Ricky’s WordPress blog: (Original interview)


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