Who was the liar that told me such drivel? Who was the culprit that convinced me that my time was my own?

Like most of us in this world, we forget to read the small print. Take a closer look and you’ll find that our time is merely borrowed.

We are all living on borrowed time

Ricky Baxter

A Novel for a Season

A funny and interesting thing has pricked my interested, as of late. It is to do with the many ways a self-published author creates. Being self-published gives me complete and utter freedom to express myself, in whatever way I want. This is all good and well, however how much do we actually think outside of the box?

A great idea came to me, which involved creating a novel that is to do with a special occasion (Xmas, Easter, Halloween etc…). Think new spins on a santa claus story or certain other cultural holidays. This doesn’t mean that our style will be comprised or downgraded. On the contrary, it merely is a great way of expressing one’s inner writer, via popular characters of tradition.

Don’t get me wrong, this is by far not an original idea. However, I wonder how useful this could be to attract new readers?

I imagine it could open up a new host of fans.

I think I just may give this a try!

Thanks for reading!

Ricky Baxter

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Have we ‘Made it’?

When I was young, I often imagined what it would feel like to ‘Make it’. You know… that state in ones career or ambition where they can say “I made it!”

The question is, what exactly is ‘it’? Is it recognition, fame, wealth, happiness and respect? How does one measure those things? It was only yesterday that it hit me. “I already made it”. In fact, most of us have!

One of my dreams was to release at least one book in my lifetime. I currently have seven titles available, and yes I don’t have worldwide stardom and a billion pounds, but I made my initial dream come true. “I made it”.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we should stop going further. However, it’s nice to pause along this journey we call life and appreciate the things we have achieved. Our younger selves would be proud of where we are today.

Ricky Baxter

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Romantic Interview

The great thing about interviews, is that it gives me the chance to look deep inside and reflect. For the most part, I write without questioning my pupose for doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I know why I am doing this, but it’s not always easy putting it into words.

I hope I got my point across in my recent interview with Romance Reviews!😅

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Delish and Yummy Interview!

Greetings all!

So my next online tour destination took me to Delish and Yummy food and books – a great blogger that asked some good questions about the characters of my title: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai.

See the full interview here!

To see the full book tour date, go to Books Unleashed

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Ricky baxter

Author – Blogger – Dreamer

Self-Publishing, and the power of support

Ok – so I’ve released my long-awaited novel: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai (if you haven’t bought it yet, then buy it now!)

Of course, just putting a book out there doesn’t mean it’ll sell, or even get seen. You have to physically put it in people’s faces (in a way that doesn’t annoy them).

A helpful blogger once said “there isn’t a one shoe fits all approach.” In other words, what may work for me, may not work for you – however you have to try all your resources, until the right shoe fits. I mean EVERYTHING! Flyers, book stores, Facebook magazines, radio interviews – the lot. I would be lying if I’d say it doesn’t take a certain amount of boldness, for I am coming across lots of knock-downs. However with every knock-down, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the support from various places.

  • Local Magazines
  • Radio Stations
  • Bloggers
  • Literary festivals
  • Work colleagues

So far, for me, these avenues have worked (and are still working) wonders for my goals. Facebook and twitter have been quite a let down for me. But maybe I am using it all wrong. Either way, I am finding it great to be exploring the many ways of getting out there.

Good luck!

Ricky Baxter

Have a merry Christmas, WordPress friends!

Hey WordPress friends, writers and readers,

As we reach the end of an exciting new year, I would like to make an announcement (ahem…)

My long awaited novel: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai is finally out, and available on Amazon kindle! Inspired by Japanese entertainment and media, this title will keep you glued to it, if you’re into anime and Manga entertainment. It has already gained three 5 five star ratings in the first week, so hurry and get involved! Oh… and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!


Ricky Baxter



Are airstrikes the best solution, or should we try something different (For once)?

I am not gonna go in depth on my opinions, following the recent news on the decision to attack “The terrorists” as quoted by some of our leaders. After all, it’s not as though anybody listens to us members of the general public anyway. However, I am certain that whatever the reason, this marathon of strikes from our countries from the west will certainly result in bad news – for now and the future. The cycle will go on, again and again, and more conflict will rear its ugly head. Of course I am sure our leaders are well aware of this.

But enough of the crazed Psychopaths who rule our countries. My question is: If you were in charge of your country, what solution would you go for, assuming you wished to learn from past mistakes in history? I’ll give you my possible alternatives, for settling troublesome disputes between countries. So here’s what I think two countries should do, if they disagree on something…

And the nominees are: 

  • Talk (We are human after all)
  • Play football? (I’ve been told that’s a good stress relief)
  • Sing a good song (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston will surely make your day)
  • Write a book (You can kill your enemies, in the land of FICTION!)
  • Have a good moan (It’s what us English do best)
  • Have a good cry (same as above)
  • Have sex? (Iv’e often thought that maybe our leaders are in fact stressed out virgins, who are in need of a good one nighter)
  • Fight (By fight, I mean a good ol fashion scrap, like the old days)
  • Tell a joke (You’d be surprised how telling a terrific joke can change things for the better. Go on, try it!)
  • Be the bigger person! (that’s right… get over it and move on!!!!!)

Of course one might find it distasteful to joke at such a time. But to be honest, I am passed all that. All this fighting from all these leaders, on both sides is pathetic. Muslims, politicians, leaders, Christians, bankers, and all the dickheads out there who wanna send someone else’s child to fight for you… – grow up and get a life.

Thank you


Our relationship with war


Hey folks,
Have you ever pondered our insatiable addiction for conflict? Scratch that, there is no need to ponder, as of course conflict is a natural part of life – unfortunate as it may be.

Birds, bugs, along with the entire animal Kingdom have their own wars, and mankind is no exception. What I have always found remarkable, is the undying forms of creativity that come from such chaotic moments. It is though we are born with this unexplained, innate desire, to express our own thoughts and feelings on love and strife – through countless forms of art. Our whole concept of good and evil, light and dark,  stems from real accounts of peace,  then war.

Poets, singers, painters, and writers (to name a few) have been part of our history, since man learned the art of expression. If we observe the many creatives throughout history, and the significance of the various conflicts and moments of peace – we find that it all has a profound effect on our art forms.

The current state of our world is not so good (in my opinion). Corrupt governments, scandals and fixed forms of media, for starters. But that gives us writers, artists and poets a ton of themes and content to work with. How this effects our future, who can say?

But it begs the question… if there were no wars, no suffering, no pain or sadness, then how will our expressions of creativity be effected?

Ciao amore

Ricky Baxter